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Deer Resistant Plants

These plants are rarely or minimally damaged by deer. It is important to note that when deer are hungry they will eat just about any plant, especially tender new growth, buds, and blooms. Deer often avoid plants that are strongly fragrant like herbs and junipers, have thorns like barberry, prickly leaves like holly, or needle-like foliage like pine.

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Pink Muhly Grass
239 reviews
Thuja Green Giant
154 reviews
Bloodgood Japanese Maple
89 reviews
Frost Proof Gardenia
122 reviews
Citronella Plant
24 reviews
Eastern Redbud
78 reviews
Pampas Grass
58 reviews
Weeping Willow Tree
74 reviews
Gold Mop Cypress
72 reviews
Sky Pencil Holly
63 reviews
Emerald Blue Creeping Phlox
16 reviews
Italian Cypress Tree
20 reviews
what are the best deer resistant plants?

What are the Best Deer Resistant Plants?

The deer resistant plants with the highest deer resistance ratings are American Holly, Barberry, Blue Fescue, Boxwood, Butterfly Bush (Buddleia), Catmint, Daphne, Dwarf Alberta Spruce, Ferns, Japanese Pieris, Japanese Plum Yew, Juniper, Lavender, Lyme Grass, and Nandina, Pampas Grass, River Birch, Rosemary, Switchgrass, and Viburnum.

what deer resistant plants grow in shade?

What Deer Resistant Plants Grow in Shade?

Heuchera (Coral Bells), Boxwood, Brilliance Autumn Fern, Forsythia, Distylium, Dwarf Burford and Carissa Holly, Viburnum, Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper, Camellia, Pieris Mountain Fire, Wisteria, and Kousa Dogwood tree are deer resistant plants that can grow in part shade. Shade loving deer resistant plants, Snow-N-Summer Asiatic Jasmine, Gold Dust Aucuba, Green Mountain Boxwood, Japanese Plum Yew, and Virginia Sweetspire can grow in heavy to full shade.

what flowering bushes are deer resitant plants?

What Flowering Bushes are Deer Resistant Plants?

Butterfly Bush, Forsythia, Camellia, Viburnum including Snowball Bush, Abelia, Barberry, Spirea, Lilac, and Weigela are all deer resistant flowering plants. Read more about Flowering Deer Resistant Shrubs.

which perennials are deer resistant plants?

Which Perennials are Deer Resistant Plants?

Fragrant herbs like Lavender, Catmint, Calamint, and Rosemary are not only deer resistant, they are some of the few plants that can actually repel deer with their scent. They are excellent for incorporating into a deer resistant garden or using as borders to help protect plants that deer love to eat. Deer tend to avoid Phlox, Daphne, Dianthus, and shade-loving Heuchera (Coral Bells) and ferns like Brilliance Autumn Fern.

what vines are deer resistant plants?

What Vines are Deer Resistant Plants?

We carry several Deer Resistant Vines. Snow-N-Summer Asiatic Jasmine is excellent as a shade tolerant deer resistant groundcover. Amethyst Falls and Blue Chinese Wisteria Vine are stunning climbing vines with fragrant flowers. Carolina Yellow Jessamine and Star Jasmine look lovely growing over a mailbox, fence, trellis, or arbor.

which evergreen trees are deer resistant plants?

Which Evergreen Trees are Deer Resistant Plants?

Magnolia, Juniper, Arizona Cypress, Spruce, Holly, Cryptomeria, Deodar Cedar, Eucalyptus, Thuja Green Giant, and Wax Myrtle trees are all deer resistant trees. For more information on Deer Resistant Evergreen Trees check out our Deer Resistant Privacy Trees Blog.

Small Deer Resistant Evergreen Bushes

Under 5 feet tall at maturity.

Large Deer Resistant Evergreen Bushes

Over 5 feet tall at maturity.

Small Deer Resistant Flowering Bushes

Under 5 feet tall at maturity.

Large Deer Resistant Flowering Bushes

Over 5 feet tall at maturity.

Deer Resistant Evergreen Trees

Deer Resistant Flowering Trees

Deer Resistant Shade Trees