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Firewitch Dianthus

Firewitch Dianthus


Introduction Beautiful Blue Ground Cover with Lots of Color and Pink Blooms! Silver blue ground cover with bright pink flowers Adds unique color t...

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Dianthus Description

Dianthus also known as Sweet William are lovely perennials with colorful flowers and attractive silvery foliage. Generally used a groundcover or a border these plants are low to the ground. The abundant flowers are fragrant with hints of spice like cinnamon and clove.

Drought, heat, and humidity tolerant, the Firewitch Dianthus is a great choice.  Its silver-blue foliage and dark pink flowers really stand out in your landscape and even attract butterflies. This dianthus blooms all summer. Stagger throughout your yard, plant in a cluster, or use as a border. Either way, you’ll love how the Firewitch Dianthus transforms your yard.

Whether you are looking for a groundcover, border, or accent perennial the Frosty Fire Dianthus is a stunning choice. This dwarf carnation is the perfect perennial for a pop of color and texture. Cool blue foliage and red hot flowers offer amazing color contrast in one little package. Double red blooms blanket the Frosty Fire Dianthus from late spring into summer.

The Super Trouper Silver Pink Dianthus is the perfect perennial for plant beds, planters, and next to walkways and boulders. This fragrant dwarf, hybrid carnation is a show stopper, especially when planted in clusters. The lacy, pink flowers are a real delight. This Dianthus is pest and disease resistant.

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