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How to Care for Maple Trees

How to Care for Maple Trees
Maples are a well-known group of shade trees that are fast growing, low maintenance, and beautiful. This group has a wide variety of options in size, fall colors, and shape. Many maple trees are native to the United States making them a great option for the home landscape. These hardy trees are quite easy to grow, but if you have been wondering how to care for Maple trees, read on.  

How to Care for Maple Trees: Site, Soil, and Sunlight

Maple trees grow throughout the United States. Check your specific variety as it does vary, but most maple trees are recommended for growing zones 3 and/or 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 and/or 9. Maples grow best in full sunlight, but can grow in a spot with some shade. These shade trees are adaptable to most soils, but prefer a somewhat moist but well-drained soil. They are drought tolerant once established, but grow faster in moist conditions.
How to Care for Maple Trees: Site, Soil, and Sunlight
How to Prune Maple Trees

How to Prune Maple Trees

Maple trees rarely require pruning. However, the removal of broken, dead, diseased, crossed, or crowded branches within a timely manner is critical for the health of your maple tree. Prune in late spring or summer to avoid dripping sap. Minor pruning can be done at any time.

How to Plant Maple Trees

Water your maple tree well prior to planting to ensure the root ball is moist. Dig a hole twice as wide as the root ball and about as deep as the root ball is tall. When you place your tree into the hole, the top of the root ball should be slightly visible above the existing soil line. Fill the soil back into the hole around the root ball. Tamp the soil down gently to remove air pockets. After planting, water deeply at the base of your tree until the soil is thoroughly saturated. Apply a 1 to 2 inch layer of mulch around your maple tree to reduce watering needs and keep weeds away. Do not pile mulch against the trunk as this can encourage pests and disease.
How to Plant Maple Trees
How to Care for Maple Trees

Tapping Maple Trees for Sap Collection   

Tap maple trees when daytime temperatures are above freezing and nighttime temperatures are below freezing. This is normally in February and March in most areas. Sap only flows for 4 to 6 weeks so time tapping well for the best results. Choose a maple tree that is at least 10 inches in diameter, preferably larger. Sugar maples are the best option, but most maples will do, including red maple, silver maple, and black maple. Drill a tap hole with a 5/16 or 7/16 drill bit (match up to your spile/spout). Drill on a slight upward angle about 3 feet up your tree. Insert the spout into the tap hole. Be sure it is fixed tightly. Hang your bucket on the hook of the spout and wait! Your bucket or container should have a cover to keep out any foreign material.

Now that you know how to care for Maple trees, browse our online plant nursery. Shop a wide selection of premium Maple Trees from the Autumn Blaze Maple to the October Glory Maple and more trees for sale.

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