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How to Prune Black Diamond Crape Myrtles

Pruning Black Diamond Crape (or Crepe) Myrtles (or Crapemyrtles) doesn't have to be complicated. But, yes, all the ways to spell crape myrtle can be! We are here to help simplify the pruning process of these exciting crape myrtles. Read on to learn how to prune Black Diamond Crape Myrtles!
All About Black Diamond Crape Myrtles
First, let’s talk about Black Diamond Crape Myrtles! This series of small crape myrtles is colorful and unique. The leaves are dark purple to burgundy to black! The flowers come in a variety of colors including pink, red, purple, and white. Growing from 10 to 12 feet tall and 6 to 8 feet wide, Black Diamond Crape Myrtles stay compact and can fit in most landscapes. Learn more about the different trees in this series with our Black Diamond Crape Myrtle Blog.
These dwarf flowering trees offer a very long bloom period, flowering from late spring until frost. Like most crape myrtles these trees are easy to grow and drought tolerant once established. Black Diamond Crape Myrtles are disease resistant, especially to powdery mildew.

When to Prune Black Diamond Crape Myrtles

The best time to prune these dwarf crape myrtles is in late winter or early spring when they are still dormant. Do any heavy pruning at this time. Dead or broken branches can be removed when you notice them. Suckers at the base of your tree or coming from the roots should be pruned back right away. Water sprouts are a similar type of fast growing growth, but come from branches. These types of growth steals nutrients from the rest of your tree and should be removed immediately.

How to Prune Black Diamond Crape Myrtles

The first step in pruning your Black Diamond Crape Myrtle is determining if your tree even needs to be pruned. If you like the form, your tree canopy isn’t over-crowded, and your tree is growing and flowering well, just leave it be! Your tree is happy and does not require pruning!
Here is a great video from Black Diamond Blooms about pruning Black Diamond Crape Myrtles to support your preferred form!

How to Prune Black Diamond Crape Myrtle as a Small Tree

If you prefer a tree form, choose 3 to 5 of the largest trunks and prune away the others to the ground. Remove all small branches from the lower ⅔ of the tree.

How to Prune Black Diamond Crape Myrtle as a Large Shrub

For a large shrub, simply even up the growth and round out the shape. Limbs can be trimmed back to a bud that is facing outward for best results.

How to Prune Black Diamond Crape Myrtle as a Small Shrub

Prune the entire plant all the way back to the ground yearly. Late winter is the best time to perform this type of severe pruning. And, yes, this type of pruning is scary, but it is safe for your plant. Your Black Diamond will have beautiful, healthy new growth in spring and will grow to about 3 feet or so yearly. It will flower prolifically with this type of pruning!

Now you know how to prune Black Diamond Crape Myrtles into the shape you desire! Check out our selection of stunning Black Diamond Crape Myrtles for sale! Enjoy your very own beautiful, distinctive tree (or bush) for years to come!


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