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Leyland Cypress for Sale | Perfect for Privacy

leyland cypress for sale
Are you looking for Leyland Cypress for sale or just want to know more about this fast growing tree? Where should you buy Leyland cypress trees? Why should you buy Leyland cypresses? How do you care for Leyland cypress Trees? We will answer these questions and more in this article about Leyland Cypress for Sale.

Leyland Cypress: A Brief History

The Leyland cypress (Cupressus × leylandii) is a hybrid of Nootka cypress (Cupressus nootkatensis) and Monterey cypress (Hesperocyparis macrocarpa). This pairing was an unlikely result of an Edward Kemp planned landscape in Wales. In 1888 the cones of the Nootka cypress were fertilized by the pollen of the Monterey cypress and the first Leyland cypress was born! Christopher Leyland continued to develop the hybrid and it was ultimately named for him. In 1911 another clone variant was born with a reverse hybrid (cones of the Monterey were fertilized by the pollen of the Nootka.)
leyland cypress for sale
leyland cypress for sale

Leyland Cypress: Description   

The Leyland cypress is a fast growing privacy tree that is excellent for privacy hedges, sound barriers, and windbreaks. It can grow 3 to 5 feet in a single growing season. The habit of this cypress is pyramidal. It can reach up to 60 feet tall and 20 feet wide at maturity. The foliage of the Leyland cypress is soft and lush. There are no prickly needles like there are with many other evergreen trees.

How to Care for Leyland Cypress

Once their roots are established, Leyland cypress trees are drought tolerant and extremely low maintenance. These hardy cypresses are incredibly fast growing and tolerate poor soil. Plant these fast growing privacy trees in full sun in USDA growing zones 6 to 10. When newly planted, Leyland cypress trees should be watered deeply at least twice weekly for the first month and once weekly through its first summer. Add an inch or two of pine mulch in a mound around your tree. Avoid pilling the mulch against the trunk to reduce the risk of pests and disease. Mulch protects the roots, and helps the soil retain water longer. Using pine mulch like pine bark or pine straw is a good choice for evergreen trees because they prefer acidic soil and these types of mulch acidify the soil as they break down. Fertilize when planting and in spring with a slow release fertilizer.
leyland cypress tree
leyland cypress for sale

Where to Buy Leyland Cypress

Buy Leyland cypress for sale online at PlantingTree. We are a family owned and operated online garden center. We grow, sell, and ship plants and trees. Our Leyland cypress trees are high quality and from healthy stock. Order your very own Leyland cypress today. We will carefully pick and package your order on the day that it ships out from our facility. Your tree will arrive on your doorstep healthy and ready to plant. We guarantee it!
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