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Leyland Cypress Hedge | A Perfect Privacy Screen

leyland cypress hedge

A Leyland Cypress Hedge is pretty and lush, grows fast, and is maintenance free once established. The Leyland Cypress is also drought and heat tolerant and extremely adaptable even to undesirable sites. This evergreen conifer makes a gorgeous green screen or stunning specimen tree. Take the hassle out of buying trees and buy Leyland Cypress trees online.

leyland cypress hedge

Leyland Cypress Description

Botanical name: Cupressus x leylandii
Growth Rate: FAST - 3 to 5 feet on average
Growing Zones: 6 to 10
Mature Height: 40 to 60 feet
Mature Width: 15 to 20 feet
The shape of the Leyland Cypress tends to be more uniform and stiff, and rounded at the bottom versus its competitor of theThuja Green Giant. The spread of the Leyland is also a bit wider. It has dark green foliage with a hint of blue. The scale like foliage cascades down each branch into soft sprays.
leyland cypress hedge

Key Features of the Leyland Cypress

Fast growing. Leylands can easily put on 3 feet in a year even in undesirable conditions!

Drought and heat tolerant. These evergreens take the heat with ease. You won’t need to break you back watering your Leyland Cypress trees either!

Soft foliage. The non-prickly greenery is great for families with kids and dogs!

Low maintenance. Once established Leyland trees don’t need much upkeep.

Excellent privacy tree. This Cypress is one of the top choices for a privacy screen or hedge. It even doubles as a superb windbreak.

leyland cypress hedge

Leyland Cypress Pro Tips

1. Be sure to leave room on the property line for your trees to grow. Do not plant directly on the property line because they WILL grow over the line onto your neighbor's property. We suggest planting at least 8 feet from your property line.

2. Yes, Leylands are drought tolerant and low maintenance once they are established. But be sure to water well while you tree is establishing. Water daily for the first week and at least twice weekly for the first 2 to 3 months. Watering deeply once weekly during periods of drought and heat throughout your tree’s life will help it be at its best and grow even faster.

3. Fertilize with a balanced slow release fertilizer in spring for the best growth rate.

leyland cypress hedge

Leyland Cypress for Privacy

Leyland Cypress should be spaced 6 to 10 feet apart for quick privacy. For straight line traditional privacy we suggest planting your trees about 8 to 10 feet apart. Go closer to 8 feet for a wind or sound break. For a more natural look and quicker privacy, you can stagger your trees, spacing them approximately 6 to 8 feet apart on a diagonal, planting in 2 rows.

For additional privacy tree options, be sure to check out our Thuja Green Giant or our Privacy Tree collection.

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