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Weeping Willow Tree for Sale | Why You Need One

Weeping Willow Tree for Sale

Are you looking for a weeping willow for sale and aren’t sure what to look for or where to buy one? We are here to help you learn all about a Weeping Willow Tree.

A Brief History of the Weeping Willow Tree

Carl Linnaeus gave the weeping willow its botanical name of Salix babylonica in 1753 thinking that these trees were the same willows from the rivers of Babylon. He was mistaken. The Babylon “Willows” were later determined to be a type of poplar. The weeping willow is actually native to Northern China. This tree grows throughout North America from Alaska to Mexico. The weeping willow was introduced to the United States after being traded along the Silk Road into Europe and Asia.

Weeping Willow Tree for Sale
Weeping Willow Tree for Sale

Weeping Willow Description

This majestic tree is large with distinctive pendulous branches. Reaching heights of 30 to 50 feet tall and wide at maturity this shade tree is a formidable landscape tree. The oblong leaves are thin and true green.

Weeping Willow Facts

• These beautiful shade trees grow extremely fast. In fact the weeping willow is one of the fastest growing shade trees in the world! This tree averages 3 to 4 feet per year over its lifetime, but in its youth it can grow as much as 8 feet in a single growing season! I was shocked to witness this myself at a park I frequent. I was absolutely blown away watching these trees grow. Two willows were planted in full sun next to a pond so I would guess that the natural moisture of the soil is what really helped these trees take off so well. These trees easily doubled in size in one year.

• The foliage of weeping willows is some of the first to emerge from dormancy in spring and last to shed in fall.

• Weeping willow trees tolerate black walnut and are deer resistant.

Weeping Willow Tree for Sale
Weeping Willow Tree for Sale

Weeping Willow Care

Weeping willows are extremely low maintenance once they are established. The key to growing a successful weeping willow is water. Willows love water and they need a lot of it when they are establishing their roots. Water deeply about twice per week when your tree is newly planted. For the first two years after planting water you weeping willow tree deeply at least once per week in summer and in periods of drought. You can use a slow release fertilizer when planting and once or twice per year. Spring is the ideal time to feed your weeping willow. These trees are hardy and adaptable. They can grow in any type of soil and tolerate wet sites. Read more on Shade Tree Care.

Where to Buy A Weeping Willow Tree

Buy a weeping willow tree for sale online at PlantingTree. We are a family owned and operated online plant nursery that sells and ships premium plants and trees for sale. Our weeping willow tree for sale are no exception. They come right to your doorstep, branched and ready to plant.

Where to Buy Weeping Willow Tree
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