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Toro Blueberry

Toro Blueberry


Introduction Tons of Huge Sweet Blueberries from an Award Winning Variety Heavy Producer Self-Pollinating - only 1 plant required Enjoy Healthy Or...

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Packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, Blueberries are one of the most nutritious foods. Blueberries are reported to improve memory and combat other issues associated with aging. Did you know that frozen blueberries retain all the nutrition and health benefits of fresh blueberries? Grow your own blueberry plants and enjoy blueberries all year! Grow organic blueberries and benefit from higher levels of antioxidants!

With the proper light, soil, and water blueberry bushes are easy to grow. Plant in full sun and moist, acidic soil for optimal growth. We carry several varieties so you are sure to find a blueberry plant or three that suits your needs! Blueberries, like apples, grow best when they are able to cross-pollinate with another variety.

Blueberry shrubs make great hedges! You don’t need to hide your blueberry bushes in the backyard! Practical and beautiful, blueberry bushes look lovely in the landscape. Prune in late winter to early spring to the size and shape you desire. Flowers, berries, and great fall color…what more could you want?

Northern Highbush Blueberries
Northern Highbush Blueberries are the most commonly cultivated blueberries. These popular berries tend to be sweet, large, and plump. Northern Highbush blueberry plants are cold hardy and self-fertile so you don't need a pollinator for grow these delicious blueberries. Although cross pollination will increase the yield of individual plants.

Bluecrop Blueberry plants have huge, juicy berries. Bluecrops offer a mid-season blueberry harvest with high yield. This variety is disease resistant and is the most popular Northern Highbush blueberry.

Blueray Blueberries are a huge, all-purpose blueberry with dessert quality flavor. The sweet berries are versatile; eat them fresh, freeze them, bake them, cook them! Whatever your heart desires, these berries will suit your need. Bluerays offer a mid-season blueberry harvest with high yield.

Jersey Blueberries have plump, delicious fruit. Your kids will eat these yummy berries endlessly! This blueberry is a late season berry with a high yield. The Jersey blueberry plant makes a lovely landscape shrub or hedge. It has very pretty, fiery fall foliage.

Rabbiteye Blueberries
Rabbiteye blueberries, like Brightwell, Climax, Powderblue, Premier, and Tifblue perform best with cross-pollination so you want to choose more than 1 variety. These tasty berries will provide you with a huge crop that you can share! Rabbiteye blueberries are heat and drought tolerant as well as pest resistant. These blueberries grow best in the southern US.

The Brightwell blueberry, is a heavy producer and fast grower. This blueberry bush is self-fertile, but will produce heavier yields per plant if you pair with a different variety like the Tifblue. The Brightwell is the most cold hardy of the Rabbiteye blueberries.

The Climax is a southern rabbiteye blueberry that can provide an abundant crop in the very first season. Being an early producer, you won’t have to wait for your blueberries! Highest yields will occur when crossed with a Premier or a Tifblue.

Easy to grow, low maintenance and delicious, the Powderblue Blueberry is a great choice for the home gardener. Cross pollinate with the Tifblue or the Brightwell for maximum yield.

A vigorous fruiter and attractive in the landscape, the Premier Blueberry is sure to be winner! This large, plump, sweet berry is great for eating plain or in a pie.

The hardy Tifblue produces an excellent harvest year after year. The Tifblue is a tried and true southern rabbiteye. Cross-pollinate with the Brightwell for the best yield.

Southern Highbush Blueberries
Try the Georgia Gem if you are looking for a southern variety that doesn’t need another plant for pollination. This delicious variety offers plenty of fruit on just one plant. The fruit is sweet with a hint of tartness.

Specialty Blueberries
The Pink Lemonade is a dwarf variety of blueberry that is pink in color and as yummy as it sounds! This self-fertile variety is extremely cold-hardy and great for containers. The colorful Pink Lemonade Blueberry looks stunning in the landscape. Red fall foliage, pink fruit, and unique pinkish-beige bark make this shrub stand out in a mixed bed or hedge.

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