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Lawn Fertilizer


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Lesco Starter Fertilizer 18-24-12 - 50 lbs.
28 reviews
Lesco Fertilizer Plus Herbicide 18-0-4 - 50 lbs.
6 reviews
Lesco Weed & Feed 18-2-3
5 reviews
Lesco 5-0-20 Summer Fertilizer
3 reviews
SOLU-CAL Enhanced Calcitic Lime
1 review
Lesco 32-0-3 Fertilizer
Lesco 24-2-11 - 50lbs.

What is Lawn Fertilizer?

Lawn Fertilizer is plant food that is specially formulated for your lawn. There are lawn fertilizers to help establish a new yard and fertilizers to keep your existing grass green and lush. We carry a variety of high quality commercial landscape fertilizers so you are sure to find just what you need to care for your lawn. Buy Lawn Fertilizer and have a gorgeous, green yard that you will be proud of!

When to Apply Lawn Fertilizer

Lesco Starter Fertilizer should be applied when you are seeding or sodding to get your new lawn off on the right foot. This fertilizer is also a great option to use when you are overseeding or aerating. Lesco Weed and Feed should be applied in spring and early fall when weeds are growing actively for best results. Lesco Dimension Crabgrass Pre-Emergent Plus 18-0-4 Fertilizer should be applied in January and early March. Lesco Fertilizer Plus Pre-Emergent Herbicide 13-0-5 can be applied in a single application in spring (when you notice forsythia blooming) or a split application in spring and, again, in early summer, spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart. Solu-Cal Enhanced Calcitic Lime is safe to apply any time of the year to correct lawn pH. Use up to 3 times per year.

What is the Best Lawn Fertilizer

We use Lesco Lawn Fertilizers in our own landscapes and believe in this brand. Lesco products are specially formulated to be the best products out there. They are thoroughly tested before coming to market. The best Lawn Fertilizer for you will depend on what you are using it for. Lesco Starter Fertilizer is best for new seed and sod. Dimension Pre-Emergents are best if you have problems with crabgrass. Lesco Weed and Feed is a great product for fertilizing and treating weeds on most lawns. 

How to Apply Lawn Fertilizer

Do not mow for 1 to 2 days before and after applying Lawn Fertilizer. Apply when the grass is moist in the morning or after a nice rain. Try to plan to apply when rain isn’t in the forecast for about 48 hours after your application. Broadcast fertilizer evenly. Be sure to check your chosen fertilizer for the appropriate application dose and spreader setting. 

How Much Fertilizer For Lawn

For Lesco Weed and Feed you will use one 50 lb bag for about 12,500 square feet. This is following the suggested rate of 4 lbs for 1000 sq feet. Lesco Starter Fertilizer recommends 4.2 lbs of fertilizer per 1000 sq ft. The application rate varies depending on your location for Lesco Dimension Crabgrass Pre-Emergent Plus Fertilizer. The recommended single application rates are 1.91 lb/1000 sq ft for the northern US, 2.75 lb/1000sq ft for the transition zone, 3.82lb/1000 sq ft for the southern US. and 5.66lb/1000sq ft for the coastal south.

Featured Lawn Fertilizers

Lesco Starter Fertilizer is a great product for new lawns. This 18-24-12 Lawn Fertilizer helps new grass establish faster by encouraging deep root growth. This slow release formula feeds your establishing lawn for 2 to 3 months. This fertilizer for new lawn is great for southern, mid-south, midwest, and northeast lawns and can be used when seeding, sodding, overseeding, and aerating. 

Lesco Weed and Feed 18-2-3 is a 2-in-1 product that fertilizes your lawn and eliminates weeds at the same time. This premium grade herbicide and turf fertilizer combo controls hundreds of broadleaf weeds. Use on Bahia, Bermuda grass, Bluegrass, Centipede, Fescue, St. Augustine, and Zoysia. Avoid using this product on Dichondra and Carpet Grass. Weed and Feed promotes lush, green grass.

Lesco Fertilizer Plus Pre-Emergent Herbicide 13-0-5 contains specially formulated Poly Plus. This polymer coated urea allows for slow release Nitrogen which leads to uniform growth. The pre emergent herbicide prevents and controls crabgrass. Lesco Crabgrass Pre-Emergent Plus Fertilizer keeps your lawn beautiful, green, and crabgrass free! Available in a 18-0-4 formulation!

Solu-Cal Enhanced Calcitic Lime works faster and more efficiently than pelletized lime. Solu-Cal raises soil pH within weeks with a full correction within 8 weeks. Achieving optimal soil pH is crucial for nutrient availability, microbial activity, and overall turf health.

Daddy Pete’s Organic Fertilizer is a 7-2-1 formula that is multi-functional in the landscape. This fertilizer feeds trees, shrubs, lawns, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and more! This natural blend of nutrients is versatile for any plant in your landscape and keeps your lawn green and lush too! The natural ingredients in this fertilizer are safe and won’t cause plant burn.

Check out our Grass Seed and Lesco Lawn Products for more ways to achieve a healthier, more beautiful lawn!

Lesco Spreader Conversion Chart

Lesco Spreader Conversion Chart