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Fertilome Tree and Shrub Fertilizer

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Fertilome Rose and Flower Food with Systemic Insecticide contains the ideal balance of nutrients to promote better, larger, and increased blooms as well as vigorous green growth, and strong root systems. Macronutrients nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous and micronutrients boron, copper, iron, manganese and zinc give your roses and other flowering plants the boost they need to thrive beyond your expectations. Imidacloprid, a systemic insecticide is absorbed through the roots; It protects your prized plants from the damage of aphids, thrips, hard and soft scales, caterpillars, white flies, leafhoppers, leafminers, borers, Japanese beetles, and other annoying insects.

Fertilome Rose and Flower Food with Systemic Insecticide is so easy to use. Simply sprinkle over the root zone and water in. For containerized plants, avoid watering heavy enough for water to leak or overflow for 10 days after application for best nutrient and pesticide retention. Fertilome Rose and Flower is perfect for the busy gardener. You get everything you need for happy, healthy roses in one easy to use product with no spraying or mixing!

Feed every 8 weeks throughout the growing season for best results. For more details and application rates see directions below.

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