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Shrubs are a huge part of our online garden center. Choose from a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. We have what you need to get started or complete your landscape plan! 

Shrubs are the foundation of every healthy yard. Offered in a broad series of shapes, sizes, flowers as well as either deciduous or evergreen vegetation to fill a landscape with color and scent. Plantingtree makes it easy to pick out the right shrub because you can shop our online nursery and actually have your new bush delivered directly to your door.

Giving a transition between trees and also ground covers, shrubs soften border sides and structures. High bushes develop a background for blossom boundaries or a display to block noise. Dense shrubbery serves well for concealing eyesores like A/C units or garbage cans. Ornamental shrubs, like lavenders, accent architecture, patios and yard structures such as gazebos. Several bush plants likewise supply a good food source for wild animals thanks to vivid berries and a range of changing foliage shades.

When picking shrubs, take into consideration features such as size at maturation, leaf type, color, blossom or berries, bloom time, and also seasonal color. While many shrubs are low maintenance, make certain to check out hardiness areas, pruning needs, and also sunlight, soil and water demands.

Cotton Candy Pink Muhly Grass: Your neighbors will beg to know what the unique, PINK grass is growing in your yard.

Frost Proof GardeniaThe Frost Proof Gardenia is best known as the Grace Of The South. This heat loving evergreen shrub with intensely fragrant blooms will have you star struck with its southern beauty.

Gold Mop Cypress: If your looking to add nice, shaggy, yellow shrub to your landscape, this gold mop cypress is for you!

Hydrangea Anomala PetiolarisHydrangeas are loved all over the world for their beauty. The Climbing Hydrangea certainly isn't short on this prized feature, but it is so much more than your everyday hydrangea! 

Endless Summer HydrangeaThe Endless Summer® Original Hydrangea is the first Hydrangea in the Endless Summer® collection and still a best selling favorite!

Hot Flash Camellia: Flash Camellia Blooms from late fall into winter months. Reaches 4-5 Feet tall and 5-6 Feet wide. Prefers full to partial sunlight. A perfect evergreen shrub that blooms.

Sky Pencil HollyAdd some life to your home. Plant a Japanese Sky Pencil Holly on each side of your front door. Or how about on each side of a window? This evergreen is great for accenting areas of your home with some height.

Green Mountain BoxwoodLove Boxwoods, but want something a little different? Do you already have round or square boxwoods, but need something to compliment them and complete your landscape design?

Soft Touch HollyThe Soft Touch Holly shrub is a great all around shrub for your landscape design. These hollies are a no maintenance shrub with a nice soft foliage unlike other hollies.

Burning Bush: The Burning Bush is immensely popular for having the brightest and boldest RED color of any shrub. I know what you're has to be so much work to maintain a plant that is this gorgeous.

Annabelle HydrangeaThe Annabelle Hydrangea is a hardy shrub that displays stunning white blossoms that can reach 12” in diameter. The Annabelle is one of the oldest flowering shrubs that can be found in an American garden! 

Browse thru the best selections of Shrubs online including our amazing Evergreen shrubs and Flowering shrubs.

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