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Sky Pencil Holly

Sky Pencil Holly

57 reviews

Introduction An Elegant Looking Shrub Perfect for containers, entryways, and lining driveways Enjoy deep green foliage year round Extremely popula...

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Burning Bush Shrub

Burning Bush

32 reviews

Introduction Fiery Red Fall Color in a No Maintenance Shrub The Boldest, Brightest Red! Fast Growing! Lush Foliage is Perfect for Hedges Even grow...

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Steeds Holly

Steeds Holly

22 reviews

Steeds Holly Unique Holly that is Easy to Grow Adds character to your front entrance Great anchor plant for smaller areas Steeds Holly makes a per...

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Gold Dust Aucuba

Gold Dust Aucuba

17 reviews

Introduction A Must Have for the Shade Garden! Sprinkled with golden, fairy dust! Add a Unique look to your landscape Use under shade trees where ...

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King Sago Palm Tree

Sago Palm Tree

9 reviews

Introduction Add Tropical Flair and Property Value to your Home Unique texture from the palm leaves to the trunk Add a warm, tropical feel to your...

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What are Shrubs?

Shrubs are synonymous with bushes. Generally they are small to medium perennial woody plants. Shrubs have multiple stems versus trees which usually have a single trunk. These plants can be deciduous or evergreen. There are types of shrubs that flower and those that don’t. Some produce seeds or berries. Bushes that are commonly grown in the landscape for decorative purposes are called ornamental shrubs. These plants vary in color, shape, and size. (We include some herbaceous plants like perennials, tropical plants, and herbs in this collection for ease of use.)

When to Plant Shrubs

The best time to plant most bushes in just about any climate is early spring. Fall is also a great time to plant shrubs, but cooler climates should plant at least 6 weeks before the ground freezes for best results. In warmer locations avoid summer, but embrace winter planting!

How to Plant Shrubs 

Dig a hole twice the width of the root ball of your plant. Once placed in the hole the root ball should be slightly higher than the soil line. Fill the hole with water, backfill the hole with soil, and tamp the soil down gently with your hands to remove air pockets. Apply 1 to 2 inches of mulch around your plant and water again until the water begins to pool. Water daily for the first week and 2 to 3 times per week for the first 2 to 3 months while your shrub is establishing. 

When to Prune Shrubs 

You can trim bushes lightly anytime of the year especially if you are simply removing dead, broken, or diseased branches. Avoid pruning shrubs in mid to late fall because it stimulates new growth which is easily damaged by freezing temperatures. For most shrubs late winter or early spring is a good time for heavy pruning, but be sure to check the best time for your specific shrub. Some flowering shrubs like hydrangeas can bloom on old wood so pruning in winter or spring can remove flower buds. Plants that bloom on old wood should be pruned right after flowering.

What Shrubs are Deer Resistant? 

Deer will eat al