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Sky Pencil Holly

Sky Pencil Holly

37 reviews

Introduction An Elegant Looking Shrub Perfect for containers, entryways, and lining driveways Enjoy deep green foliage year round Extremely popula...

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Steeds Holly

Steeds Holly

18 reviews

Introduction Unique Holly that is Easy to Grow Adds character to your front entrance Great anchor plant for smaller areas Also makes a perfect med...

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When to Prune Trees

Most trees should be pruned in late winter or early spring. Deciduous trees are dormant at this time and evergreens have slowed down their processes. Time pruning close to dormancy break or the start of the growing season for the best results. Flowering trees that bloom in spring should be pruned after they complete their blooming cycle. Summer blooming trees should be pruned when they are dormant in late winter or early spring. Tropical trees can be pruned anytime of year. Minor pruning of dead, diseased, or broken branches can be done at any time for any type of tree. 

How to Fertilize Trees

If your tree is growing well and looks green and healthy, then no fertilizer is required. If your soil is nutrient poor or your tree needs a boost, apply fertilizer in spring. Our balanced slow release fertilizer is safe to use when planting and throughout the year. The polymer coated formula prevents plant burn and feeds your tree for up to 6 months!

How to Plant Trees

Your potted tree should be watered well prior to planting to ensure the root ball is as moist as possible. Dig a hole about twice as wide as the root ball. When you place your tree in the hole, the top of the root ball should be slightly visible above the soil line. Gently tamp the soil back in the hole around your tree’s roots. Immediately after planting, water deeply at the base of your tree until the ground can no longer hold water. 

When to Plant Trees

The best time to plant trees varies widely depending on the type of tree and your climate. In general fall is the best time to plant trees for most climates because of the cool temperatures and often damp conditions. At this time tre