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Tropical Fruit Trees

What is a Tropical Fruit Tree?

These trees produce edible fruit and grow in tropical climates. In the US this mainly means they grow naturally in zones 8, 9, 10, and 11 which includes Florida, California and several southern states. Many of these trees can be grown in a pot in just about any growing zone and protected during the winter. Some can even be grown indoors year-round with the proper conditions.

How to Care for Tropical Fruit Trees

Most Tropical Fruit trees require full sun and well-draining, fertile soil. Water these trees when the ground begins to dry. Feed trees in spring with a slow release fertilizer. If your tree grows naturally in a humid environment, as many tropical trees do, water them over the leaves to help provide extra humidity when conditions are dry.

Can Tropical Fruit Trees be Grown Indoors?

Dwarf Tropical Fruit trees like Meyer Lemons and Key Limes are great for growing indoors. But they must have an optimal environment to thrive. They need full sun, so either a very bright spot in your home or plant lights must be used. These tropical trees love humidity so mist them daily or use a humidifier. Fig trees and the Arabica Coffee plant can also be grown indoors.

How to Protect Tropical Fruit Trees in Winter

If you grow your fruit trees in pots, simply move them indoors during the winter. Move Citrus trees inside when temps are around 40 and Coffee plants inside when temperatures are around 50. Fig and Persimmon trees are more cold hardy and can be planted in the ground in zone 7. Plants in pots are less cold hardy than those in the ground and should get some extra protection in a garage or shed when growing in zone 7. When growing in colder climates they should be moved inside when temperatures begin to hit the freezing mark. Any tropical fruit trees planted in the ground can be winterized by adding a layer of mulch and watering deeply prior to heavy freezes. The trunk may be wrapped in burlap or the tree covered if temperatures will drop unusually low.

Can You Grow Tropical Fruit Trees in Containers?

Absolutely! Small tropical fruit trees are perfect for pots. We recommend growing Fig trees like Celeste and Little Miss Figgy, Citrus trees like the Meyer Lemon and Key Lime, and Coffee Plants in pots. Make sure the container drains well and you water your fruit plants regularly. Fig trees and Citrus trees tend to be fast growing Tropical Fruit Trees, but planting them in containers will keep the growth rate more controlled. Read more on Growing Fig Trees in Containers and growing Citrus Trees in Pots

How to Plant Tropical Fruit Trees

Dig a hole about twice the width of the root ball and not quite as deep. Place your Fruit Tree evenly in the hole. The top of the root ball should be slightly higher than the existing soil line. Back-fill with the existing soil. Water deeply until the water begins to pool. Apply 1 to 2 inches of mulch in a mound to reduce watering needs, retain soil moisture, and reduce weeds.

Citrus Trees

Key Lime 

This dwarf lime tree is easy to grow in pots. The Key Lime Tree can easily be kept very small and still produce plenty of key limes. The small limes are tart and sweet and excellent for making pies.

Meyer Lemon 

This dwarf lemon tree performs well in containers and can even be grown indoors! The fruit is delicious and sweeter than standard lemons. Meyer Lemon Trees produce fruit in the very first year and is one of the most popular Tropical plants available.

Variegated Meyer Lemon 

This Meyer Lemon plant has exciting variegation on the fruit and the leaves. This variegated citrus tree is stunning, unique, and has flavorful fruit.

Fig Trees

Brown Turkey Fig Tree

The heat tolerant Brown Turkey Fig tree is fast growing and produces a lot of tasty fruit. This popular fig has a sweet and mild flavor. 

Celeste Fig

Celeste Fig trees are perfect for pots and small spaces. This dwarf fruit tree is very tolerant of heat and pest and disease resistant. This fig has sugary-sweet taste. 

Chicago Hardy Fig Tree

This fig tree is a cold hardy tropical fruit tree that can grow into zone 5! This high yield fig tree produces tons of sweet, yummy, plump figs from July through frost.

Little Miss Figgy Fig Tree

This dwarf tropical fruit tree is the smallest fig variety out there. It is ideal for growing in containers. You won’t even need to prune to keep it small. The Little Miss Figgy fig tree is a heavy fruit producer and is pest and disease resistant. Fig trees also do well when grown in containers.

Other Tropical Fruit Trees

Arabica Coffee Plant 

Did you know that you can grow your very own coffee indoors?! You can with the Arabica Coffee Plant. This small tree is an attractive and easy to grow houseplant that purifies the air in your home. Its pretty flowers have a fragrance similar to jasmine.

Fuyu Persimmon 

This tree is easy to grow and requires almost no maintenance once established. The Fuyu Persimmon tree is self-pollinating and is able to fruit in the very first year. Fuyu Persimmon fruit is delicious and healthy.

We have Tropical Fruit Trees for sale in our online plant nursery. Check out our Tropical Trees, Citrus Trees, and Fruit Trees for more options!