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Tropical Plants

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What You Need To Know About Tropical Plants

What are Tropical Plants?

What are Tropical Plants?

Tropical Plants are generally native to tropical or subtropical regions. These plants thrive in warm climates like Florida and California, but some are adapted to grow in cooler climates too. These plants can be enjoyed as houseplants, patio plants, and annuals in cooler regions and are perennials or evergreen in warmer growing zones. These beautiful plants are a great way to turn your home and garden into a relaxing getaway.

How to Care for Tropical Plants

Most tropical plants prefer full sun, well-drained soil, and humidity. Water these plants when the ground dries out and over the leaves if you are in a dry climate to add humidity. For tropical indoor plants mist the leaves daily or every other day to add humidity. Feed your plants at least once yearly in spring with a slow release fertilizer.

How to Care for Tropical Plants

Where to Buy Tropical Plants

Buy Tropical Plants online at PlantingTree. From citrus plants to palm trees to mandevilla vines and more you’ll find just what you need to add some tropical flare to your home or landscape. We have a gorgeous selection of Tropical Plants for sale online! Scroll up to view our in stock inventory. We ship fast right to your home! Get started on your tropical oasis today! Browse the largest collection of Tropical Fruit Trees online.

How to Grow Tropical Plants Indoors

These plants can be grown indoors in a sunny spot or with plant lights. Water your plant when the soil dries. Water thoroughly and allow the water to drain. Do not let the roots sit in water. This can lead to root rot. You can put rocks in the saucer to keep the roots out of the water while adding humidity to the air. Most tropical plants like humidity. This is especially important in winter when our homes are particularly dry. You can also mist your plant or add a humidifier.

How to Grow Tropical Plants Indoors
How to Grow Tropical Plants In Cold Climates

How to Grow Tropical Plants In Cold Climates

Tropical Plants can be grown in cold climates during the warmer months as annuals or patio plants. If planted in a pot, they can be moved inside during the winter months. They can also be grown in sunrooms or by a sunny window indoors as house plants.

How to Overwinter Tropical Plants

You can keep cold sensitive plants alive in winter by moving them inside or in a protected area depending on their cold tolerance. Some Palm trees are kept alive in cooler growing zones by wrapping the trunk with a blanket or burlap. Smaller palms can be covered with frost cloth. Some even go so far as to wrap the plants with heat producing lights over the cloth. Plant leaves can be sprayed with an anti-dessicant for added protection. These tactics probably won’t help much if you are more than 1 growing zone outside of the recommended growing zone and even then a harsh winter may still cause you to lose your plant. Moving these tender plants inside is the best option.

How to Overwinter Tropical Plants
When Should I Move Tropical Plants Indoors?

When Should I Move Tropical Plants Indoors?

Mandevilla Vines should be moved indoors when temperatures are around 50 degrees. Prune your vine back by at least ⅓ and place it in a sunny spot for best results. Move citrus plants inside when temperatures are hitting 40 degrees. Plants that are recommended for growing zones 8 to 10 can tolerate temperatures around 40 degrees, while plants only recommended for growing zones 9, 10, and 11 should be moved inside before temperatures dip much below 50 degrees. For additional zone choices, be sure to browse our online garden center.
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A gorgeous clumping palm tree, the European Fan Palm stands out in the home landscape.
This beautiful houseplant palm tree can soften your indoor space.
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The Sago Palm is a great indoor or outdoor tropical plant.
This cold hardy palm tree is extremely popular and adds a tropical look to your landscape.
Featured Tropical Fruit Plants
Grow your own coffee beans indoors or outdoors during warm weather.
This unique variegated lemon is as delicious as it is beautiful. The foliage and fruit are variegated!
Grow key limes on your patio and make a key lime pie from your very own harvest!
The Meyer Lemon is the number one selling citrus plant. It can be grown indoors and flowers and fruits up to 4 times per year!
Featured Tropical Flowering Plants
Beautiful pink flowers vine around a trellis, fence or mailbox.
True red flowers explode all over this vine in summer. Move inside for winter to enjoy year after year.
The striking red flowers of this Tropical Plant attract hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies.
Grow indoors to enjoy all year long or outdoors as an annual. This vine produces an abundance of blooms!
Featured Tropical Plants
This tropical plant tolerates wet and shady sites!
The Peace Lily is a natural air purifier and lovely houseplant.
This tropical plant is cold hardy and looks great around a pool!
Add color and texture indoors with the vibrant Red Edged Dracaena.

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