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Tropical Trees

What are Tropical Trees?

Tropical trees encompass any type of tree that can grow in tropical climates. These trees thrive in warm climates like Florida and California, but some are adapted to grow in cooler climates too. We have Palm Trees and Tropical Fruit Trees for sale. Our Tropical Trees look lovely poolside or on a patio.

Can Tropical Trees be Grown in Containers?

Most tropical trees can be grown in containers indoors and thrive as houseplants. Tropical plants tend to need a lot of sun, so be sure your potted tropical plant is placed near a sunny window or glass door. Tropical fruit trees can grow and produce well outdoors in pots if they are moved indoors during winter. Read more on Overwintering Citrus Trees.

Can Tropical Palm Trees Grow Indoors?

Sago Palms and Majesty Palms make gorgeous indoor plants. The Majesty Palm tree prefers a sunny, humid spot. Put this plant in a sunny spot, keep the soil moist, and mist it in winter when your home is dry for the best results. The King Sago Palm tree is more flexible; water when the soil is dry and put it in a spot with some sun. It does need some sun but not as much as most tropical trees.

How to Care for Tropical Fruit Trees

Tropical fruit trees, like citrus, require full sun and well-draining, fertile soil. Water these tropical trees when the ground dries out and over the leaves if you are in a dry climate. Feed your citrus trees in early spring and late summer with a slow release fertilizer.

Can Tropical Fruit Trees be Grown Indoors?

Fruit trees like Meyer Lemons and Key Limes are great for growing indoors. But they must have an optimal environment to thrive. They need full sun, so either a very bright spot in your home or plant lights must be used. This tropical fruit trees love humidity so mist them daily or use a humidifier. Read more information on Growing Meyer Lemons and Key Limes in Containers.

Palm Trees

The Majesty or Majestic palm is the perfect houseplant. It offers lovely long green fronds and a tropical look with little maintenance. The Majesty Palm tree is one of the most popular tropical trees for indoors.
Whether you plant your King Sago in your yard or use it as a houseplant, you will love how easy this tropical plant is to grow. It grows slowly and stays fairly small in pots. In the ground in can reach over 10 feet tall at maturity. Sago Palm trees are deer, pest, and disease resistant.
This beachy palm tree is cold hardy through zone 7. It can grow 20 to 30 feet tall so it is not ideal for containers. Windmill Palms are pest, disease, and deer resistant and drought, pollution, and salt tolerant.

Tropical Fruit Trees

This self-fertile tree can fruit in the first year. The Fuyu Persimmon tree is easy to grow and requires almost no maintenance once established. Persimmon fruit is delicious and healthy.
This Dwarf Key Lime tree is a great addition to your container citrus garden. This fruit tree grows up to 12 feet tall and 8 feet wide in the ground, but stays smaller in containers. It can be pruned and easily kept extremely compact and still produce tons of key limes.
The Meyer Lemon Tree is the best indoor citrus performer. This little tree can provide flowers and fruit up to 4 times a year! The fruit is sweeter than standard lemons. Our citrus plants are grafted, not grown from seed, so you can have fruit in the very first year and a hardier tree!
This perfect patio plant is one you just have to have. A Lemon tree with gorgeous variegation on the fruit and leaves, the variegated Eureka Lemon is as pleasing to the eye as it is the tongue. Enjoy fragrant blooms and pretty, yummy fruit on a stunning dwarf fruit tree.

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