Viburnum Description

Viburnums are a large group of flowering shrubs that bloom profusely in spring. Generally the bloom clusters are pure white, but some varieties have lovely hints of pink. The flowers can be quite different, some being fragrant and others having no scent at all. There are evergreen varieties and deciduous varieties so look closely when choosing to be sure you get what you want. The leaves vary by type and many Viburnums have exciting berries in blues, purples, and reds. The deciduous varieties have vibrant fall colors. There are a spectrum of sizes from dwarf to large to choose from. All Viburnums are low maintenance, deer tolerant, and pest and disease resistant. These pretty shrubs attract Butterflies.

The Chinese Snowball Bush is a reblooming variety of Viburnum with rounded white flower clusters similar to a hydrangea. A heavy bloomer that blooms in spring and again in summer, the Chinese Snowball is one showy shrub. This variety is sterile and does not produce berries. Reaching a mature height and width of 10 to 15 feet this shrub is substantial. You can prune after flowering to maintain size and shape. The Viburnum Macrocephalum ‘Sterile’ makes a lovely focal or specimen shrub as well as a gorgeous hedge or screen. Plant in full sun or part shade.

The Common Snowball Bush is fruitless, so no messy fruits to step on or invasive spreading. This shrub is a heavy bloomer and for longer than similar varieties. Enjoy tons of gorgeous, white pom-pom flowers in spring. The Common Snowball is a tough shrub that is disease resistant and extremely cold hardy. 

The Spring Bouquet Viburnum offers year-round interest. You will love watching delicate white-pink flowers emerge from pretty pink buds in spring. These fragrant bloom clusters coat this compact bush. Soon after the blooms fade, lavender-blue berries appear. The deep green foliage is evergreen. Birds enjoy the berries and butterflies and hummingbirds love the honey-scented blooms. Viburnum tinus ‘Spring Bouquet’ is great in mixed beds and foundation plantings. This evergreen bush can grow in full sun or part shade.

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