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Chinese Fringe Tree

Chionanthus Retuses
Chinese Fringe Tree
Chinese Fringe Tree
Chinese Fringe Tree
Chinese Fringe Tree
Chinese Fringe Tree
Chinese Fringe Tree
Chinese Fringe Tree
Chinese Fringe Tree
Images shown may be of mature plants.

Chinese Fringe Tree

Chionanthus Retuses

Compact Fringe Tree with Lovely Scent and Silhouette

  • More compact size perfect for smaller spaces
  • White blooms with a lovely fragrance
  • Full, symmetrical silhouette that enhances any yard
  • Resistant to air pollution - great for urban spaces!
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Product Details

growing zone 5-9 Growing Zones 5-9
Soil Type Well Drained
Sunlight Full, Partial
Drought Tolerance Semi
Mature Height 15-20 Feet
Mature Width 20-30 Feet
Growth Rate Slow
Bloom Color White
Shipping Restriction AZ

If you’re looking to add a gorgeous, deciduous tree to your yard without having the luxury of space, try the Chinese Fringe Tree! This compact variety fits perfectly in smaller areas for added pizzazz and shape. Its light, elegant form makes it a popular choice for people looking to spruce up their yard, garden, or even a public park. Since it’s wider than it is tall, many choose this tree to contrast darker evergreens for a colorful twist in their green space.

With its white blooms that appear in spring, you can enjoy stunning snow-white shades along with a lovely, delightful fragrance against its soft, green leaves. This contrast of color livens up any space. The Chinese Fringe has a scent so heavenly, you’ll have to smell it for yourself. The white blooms even become luminescent in the moonlight, making your yard seem like a magical garden. Add a dash of elegance and seriously sweet scents to your springtime that neighbors and strangers alike will love!

This tree has a full, symmetrical silhouette that everyone will be “green” with envy over, and it creates a dome shape that’s highly prized by many plant aficionados. Plus, its upright branches are easy to manage, meaning you get a stunning shape without the need for much care! Even your neighbors will be impressed by this bit of foliage and the lovely shade it can provide year-round. You can even make it a focal point in your yard, with its natural beauty and stunning shape.

Since this tree is resistant to air pollution, it’s great for urban spaces that usually don’t offer a hospitable environment for other plants and trees. You can plant it in large gardens, city streets, backyards, and so much more! It’s also disease-resistant, so you get all the perks without the worries. The possibilities feel endless with this versatile tree, and any landscape can be transformed with this addition. It works well with plants of any shade since it contrasts nicely against any hue. Try it with high-profile perennials, dark evergreens, colorful flowers, and so much more. You can’t go wrong with vibrant plants of all shapes and sizes with this tree!

Here’s a fun bit of history for you about this tree. In China, the young leaves of this tree are typically used as a substitute for tea. Plus, some of these are even considered equal in fragrance to many of the best green teas. If you want your very own “tea” scent for your yard, then this is the tree for you. Not to mention it provides ample shade for your other plants, or your home to cut down on your electricity bill throughout the year. What’s not to love? Are you ready for your very own Chinese Fringe Tree after reading all of its amazing perks? We sure hope so! Buy it now so it can arrive at your home and be planted ASAP. Your yard will look like a totally new space and it’ll soon be your favorite focal point.

Chinese Fringe Tree FAQ

Why are Fringe trees similar yet better than Bradford Pear trees?

Fringe trees have a similar rounded shape, but they are shorter and more compact, allowing for planting in smaller areas.

Why are Fringe trees being planted in urban landscapes as street trees?

Urban landscapers discovered that native plants, like fringe trees, require less maintenance. Plus, their small size mean they won’t need replacing after a few decades. It’s also resistant to air pollution!

Chinese Fringe Tree Care


Select a planting location that receives full to partial sunlight, or about 4 - 8 hours of sunlight per day. Ensure the soil is well-drained. 

Dig a hole twice as wide and deep as your tree’s root ball, place it in the hole, and back fill with remaining soil and any compost you’d like to incorporate. Finally, tamp around the base of the tree to remove air pockets and water to settle the roots.


During the first season after planting, establish a regular watering schedule. It’s recommended to water your tree about once weekly, or when surrounding soil is dry. Check for soil dryness about 2 - 3 inches down. If the soil is dry, it’s time to water. 

However, your weekly watering schedule may be decreased after the tree is established.


Be sure to feed your Chinese Fringe Tree with a balanced fertilizer in the spring before new growth emerges.


During winter, remove any dead, diseased or damaged branches, as well as any branches that grow towards the center of the tree or cross other branches.

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