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Lesco Three-Way Selective Herbicide

Lesco 3 way Herbicide
Lesco 3 way Herbicide
Lesco 3 way Herbicide
Lesco 3 way Herbicide
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Lesco Three-Way Selective Herbicide

Popular Broadleaf Weed Control to clean up your lawn

  • Controls Clover, Dandelion, Henbit, Plantains, Wild Onion, and Many Other Broadleaf Weeds fast. Results in as little as 2 days.
  • Does not control grassy weeds
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Product Details

Please see label below for all inquires. Always follow the label.

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Do not apply directly to or near water, storm drains, gutters, sewers, or drainage ditches. Do not apply within 25 feet of rivers, fi sh ponds, lakes, streams, reservoirs, marshes, estuaries, bays, and oceans. Do not apply when windy. To prevent product runoff, do not overwater the treated area(s) to the point of runoff or apply when raining or when rain is expected that day. Rinse applicator over lawn only.

Avoid mist to vegetables, flowers, ornamentals, shrubs, trees, and other desirable plants. Do not pour spray solutions near these plants. Do not spray on carpetgrass, dichondra nor on lawns or turf where desirable clovers are present. Avoid fine mists. Except as noted, use only lawn-type sprayers.

Coarse sprays are less likely to “wind-drift”. Use coarse spray droplets. Do not spray roots of ornamentals and trees. Do not exceed specifi ed dosages for any area; be particularly careful within the dripline of trees and other species. Do not apply to newly seeded grasses until well established.

Avoid broadcast applications when air temperature exceeds 90°F. When using small, spot treatment applications in temperatures over 90°F, turf injury may occur.

When treating Carpetgrass, avoid broadcast applications when air temperature exceeds 80°F. When air temperatures exceed 80°F, limit application to spot treatment only.

Apply only to dormant St. Augustine (Common, Raleigh and Seville varieties grown in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi only) and dormant Centipede grasses (Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi only).

Avoid applying during excessively dry or hot periods unless irrigation is used. For optimum results: (1) turf should not be mowed for 1 to 2 days before and after application; (2) do not apply if rain is expected within 4 hours after the application; delay irrigation cycle for 24 hours. Reseed no sooner than three to four weeks after application of this product. Failure to observe all precautions may result in injury to turf and/or susceptible plants.

THREE-WAY SELECTIVE HERBICIDE can be mixed with some liquid fertilizers or liquid iron materials. Because liquid fertilizer and liquid iron differ in pH, free ammonia content, density, salt concentration and percentage of water, a compatibility test is recommended prior to mixing in application equipment. All regulations, either State or Federal, relating to the application of liquid fertilizers or liquid iron and this product must be strictly followed.

Weeds Controlled

Bedstraw Black Medic Buckthorn Burdock Chicory Chickweed Clover Dandelion Dock Ground Ivy Heal-All Henbit Knotweed Lambsquarter Lespedeza Mallow Morningglory Peppergrass Pigweed Plaintain Poison Ivy Poison Oak Purslane Ragweed Sheep Sorrel Shepherd’s Purse Speedwell Spurge Wild carrot Wild garlic Wild lettuce Wild onion Yarrow and other broadleaf weeds.

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