Lesco Sun and Shade Park Seed Mix

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Establishment Guidelines

Adequate seed bed preparation is important in new turf grass establishment as well as in over seeding. Check soil pH and apply a Starter Fertilizer (Lesco 18-24-12) prior to seeding. Frequent light irrigation and/or seed starter mulch is required for optimum germination. Germination should be visible within 14 days; complete turf establishment will take two to six months.  Continue to feed lawn every 4-6 weeks during the growing zone for continued growth and establishment.

Seed bare areas at 10 lbs./1000 sq.ft.
Overseed areas at 5 lbs./1000 sq.ft.

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Additional Information

Brand Grow Zones Grass Type Drought Tolerance Traffic/Wear Tolerance Lesco 3-7 Mixed Good High

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