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Robellini Palm

Phoenix Roebelenii
Robellini Palm
Robellini Palm
Images shown may be of mature plants.

Robellini Palm

Phoenix Roebelenii

A minimal maintenance, drought resistant double specimen palm that makes the perfect focal point for your tropical oasis.

  • The Robellini Palm pairs well with other tropical plants like bromeliads, mondo grasses, crotons, and cordylines
  • The compact size allows for a variety of growing locations
  • Thrives in warm weather
  • Cream or tan colored flowers bloom in the spring
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Product Details

growing zone 9-11 Growing Zones 9-11
Soil Type Well Drained
Sunlight Full, Partial
Drought Tolerance
Mature Height 6-10 Feet
Mature Width 6-10 Feet
Growth Rate Slow
Bloom Color White
Shipping Restriction AZ

This pygmy date palm will bring the tropics to your landscape or sunroom in a beautiful yet compact size.

As one of the most popular landscape palms in Florida, the Robellini Palm makes the perfect focal point for any warm climate landscape.

These dwarf palms produce tan or cream-colored star-shaped flowers in the spring. The female flowers produce an edible fruit called a drupe. The drupe is like a date, and it will turn a reddish-brown or dark purple at maturity.

Robellini Palm FAQ

What is the best way to prune a Robellini Palm?

When pruning any species of palm tree, you should wear heavy work gloves and use a pair of long-handled pruning shears. Only prune the dead, severely damaged or diseased fronds by cutting them off near the trunk.

How do I keep the Robellini Palm from being affected by frost?

If the tree is planted outside or in a stationary planter the best option is to wrap the trunk with a blanket and secure it with twine or zip ties.

If the palm is in a planter that can be relocated, simply bring the potted plant inside where you can regulate the temperature.

Why is my pygmy palm turning brown?

The most common reason that palm fronds begin to turn brown is because they lack the proper amount of potassium. An easy remedy for that is to add eggshells to the soil.

Are there any ways to add nutrients to the soil naturally?

Adding epsom salt to the soil will increase the levels of magnesium and sulfate, both of which are vital to proper plant growth. You can also add eggshells which will increase the potassium levels and will help keep the fronds from browning.

Robellini Palm Care

The beauty of this exotic tree can be easily maintained and cared for. The mature miniature date palm enjoys being in the sun more than a teenager at the beach during spring break. This hardy tree is drought resistant, however it should not go without water for more than 5-7 days depending on the climate where it is located. Due to the tropical nature of this exquisite species, fertilizer is a necessary addition to the soil so that this showy evergreen can thrive.


Create your own tropical oasis with these eye-catching pygmy date palms. Robellini Palms are subtropical, slow spreading plants that should be planted anywhere from 84” to 96” apart.

The ideal locations for planting a palm in the ground or in a container include the southern parts of Florida, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and the majority of California.

These compact palms do remarkably well in most of the United States so long as it is on a patio or used as a houseplant and it receives the proper amount of sunlight.


After the initial planting of your newly purchased palm, it should be watered daily for about 2 weeks. Water either early in the morning or in the evening.

While the Robellini Palm is drought resistant, it is important to ensure that the soil does not completely dry out. Take care that you do not over water as too much water can lead to root diseases and will hinder future growth.

Established palms need to be watered at least once a week; however, you should always use your own discretion based on the moistness of the soil.


While these simplistic beauties require minimal maintenance, they are fussy about what they eat. Specialized palm fertilizer should be applied around 2 to 3 months after the tree is initially planted.

After that, fertilizer should be applied twice a year, once in the spring and again in the summer. Apply the fertilizer at least 2 feet away from the trunk of the palm to ensure that the fertilizer does not cause burns or extensive damage.


Dwarf palms should only be pruned if the fronds are completely dead, or they are severely damaged due to disease or the weather. Fronds should be cut back down to the trunk using a pair of sharp long-handled pruning shears.

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