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Cryptomeria Radicans | The Deer Resistant Privacy Tree

The Cryptomeria Radicans tree also known as the Japanese cedar isn’t as well known as it should be. This hardy evergreen tree offers fragrant, feathery foliage and a naturally clean pyramidal shape. It is low maintenance, fast-growing, versatile, and extremely adaptable. But the number one reason this tough evergreen should be your top pick is that it is one of the few privacy trees that are deer resistant without those prickly needles! Order these Cryptomeria today from our online plant nursery.

Cryptomeria Radicans Key Features

• Fast growing at a rate of 3 to 5 feet per year

• Deer, disease, and pest resistant

• Low maintenance

• Drought tolerant once established

• Grows in full sun to part shade

• Adapts to just about any soil type including clay

Cryptomeria trees add flare and texture to your landscape with minimal maintenance.

This graceful tree has soft, dense, feathery foliage that is fragrant. The fresh needles are a bright green that deepens to a stunning emerald green as the foliage ages. As cold weather takes hold the Cryptomeria gets a purplish bronze tone. This conifer has an upright columnar to a narrow pyramidal shape.

Cryptomeria Radicans Care

The Cryptomeria Radicans grows in full sun or part shade. They are extremely adaptable to just about any soil including clay.
Cryptomeria need to be watered well when planted and kept moist with deep waterings at least once weekly for the first few months. Adding 1 to 2 inches of mulch will help hold in moisture, protect the roots, and keep weeds at bay.
Fertilize your tree once yearly in spring with a balanced slow release fertilizer.
Cryptomeria do not require pruning. They easily maintain their natural pyramidal habit throughout their lives.
Plant your Radicans in growing zones 5 to 9 for best results.
Cryptomeria Radicans in the Landscape
The Cryptomeria is versatile in the landscape, but we highly recommend them for privacy screens. Plant your Cryptomeria about 8-10 feet apart for a dense green screen that will offer privacy within a few years. This evergreen can grow to 40 feet tall and 15-20 feet wide however they tolerate heavy pruning and can be trimmed into a hedge. Pruning the tops to control height can even help your living fence fill in faster!  
A group of 3 or 5 Radican trees look lovely in a larger yard. For group designs, plant your trees about 20 to 25 feet apart. This spacing also works well for lining a long driveway.
This tree can definitely stand alone as an attractive and strong focal for your front yard.
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