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How to Prune Shrubs

When to Prune Shrubs Late winter or early spring is the best time to prune most shrubs. For flowering shrubs that bloom on old wood like some hydrangeas, prune after flowering to avoid removing flower buds. If you aren’t sure...

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How to Prune Ligustrum

Ligustrum (also called privets) are extremely fast growing flowering evergreen shrubs. They are also easy to grow and require no maintenance once they are established. They prefer warmer climates and are literally everywhere here in the Carolinas. Most Ligustrum are...

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When to Prune Flowering Shrubs

You can safely prune just about any flowering shrub soon after flowering has stopped to avoid trimming off the following year’s blooms. If you aren’t sure and your number one concern is bloom loss prune at this time. If you...

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Pruning Flowering Shrubs

Do You Need to Prune Flowering Shrubs? Look at your plant. Is it happy and blooming well? Does it have good air circulation? Is it a nice shape and size for you? If you are answering yes to these questions...

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How to Prune Japanese Maples

It is easy to fall in love with Japanese Maples. With a wide array of choices that please the eye, Japanese Maples are hard to beat. They offer exciting colors, textures, shapes, and sizes for the landscape. Because we treasure...

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Redbud Tree Care | The Best Practices

Redbud trees are one of the very first trees to bloom in spring and boy do they put on a show! This tree isn’t as well know as it is well recognized. You may overlook most blooming trees on a...

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Overwintering Citrus Trees

Overwintering Citrus Trees is crucial information. Growing citrus trees like Meyer Lemons and Key Limes has become increasingly popular as gardeners realize these tropical fruits can be grown in containers quite easily. The best option is to grow your citrus tree outside in full sun for as long as possible and move them inside during winter. The exact time to move your potted citrus indoors will vary based on your climate. Once temps are 40 or below it is time to bring your tree inside.
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Pruning Crape Myrtle | Avoiding Crape Murder

Crape Murder or topping may be an easier form of pruning especially when you want to control the size of your Crape Myrtle, but it makes your tree weaker. By removing most of the branches and cutting your tree back to the trunks you can actually promote several issues that result in an unhealthy and less attractive tree.
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Knock Out® Roses Care

Knock Out® Roses are fairly new to the gardening scene. Over the past 10 years these Roses have become insanely popular for their delicate, colorful, plentiful flowers that bloom throughout 3 seasons as well as their pest and disease resistance. Knock Out Roses Care is surprisingly easy.

Knock Out Roses have fabulous colors including red, pink, blush pink (blushing), yellow (sunny) and white.

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