Daylily Description

Daylily are an inexpensive and easy landscape option. These plants require almost no maintenance and still return year after year. You get beautiful flowers and lovely texture with grass-like leaves. Daylilies are perfect for pops of color staggered throughout your landscape or stunning show off borders. Daylily can grow in full sun or part shade.

Almost identical to the Happy Returns Daylily, the Fragrant Returns Daylily differs mainly in fragrance. This variety has a stronger, sweet scent that is just heavenly. This hardy perennial has slightly lighter yellow blooms when compared to the Happy Returns, but the Fragrant Returns Daylily has all the beauty of its parent plant and more!

The Happy Returns Daylily boasts some of the largest blooms of any daylily. Gorgeous rich yellow blooms stand out on top of the grass-like deep green leaves. This hardy daylily is adaptable to a variety of soils and environments and is even pest and disease resistant. You’ll love your Happy Return Daylily whether you add 1 or 20 to your landscape!

The Stella De Oro Daylily boasts the most abundant blooms of any daylily! You will look forward to the fragrant, dark gold, reblooming flowers year after year. 

The phenomenal Strawberry Candy Daylily has ruffled coral and pink flowers. This stunning Daylily is the perfect addition to just about any landscape. This stunning, repeat bloomer is so easy to care for you will look like a professional. Growing almost everywhere in the US including coastal and urban areas, this hardy perennial is adaptable and tolerant.

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