Euonymus Description

Euonymus are a group of hardy plants that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.  These low maintenance shrubs are drought and salt tolerant.

The fast growing Burning Bush offers fiery red fall color in a low maintenance shrub. The lush foliage is perfect for hedges. Grows in sun or shade!

Emerald Gaiety Euonymus is a classy, variegated variety of winter creeper. This hardy shrub has a very unique upright branching habit. It even acts as a vine up walls or other nearby structures and is the perfect evergreen for decorating your mailbox. Excellent disease resistance.

The Golden Euonymus is a standout evergreen shrub with its gorgeous yellow and green variegated leaves that dazzle in your landscape. This hardy plant can tolerate conditions from shade to sun and any type of soil. The Golden Euonymus is drought tolerant and requires little to no maintenance. They look fantastic as a small hedge or staggered throughout your landscape.

Moonshadow Euonymus is a unique, variegated variety of wintercreeper. This evergreen shrub is beautiful and bold. It is disease resistant and extremely cold hardy.

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