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Florida Flowering Trees

Oklahoma Redbud Tree
35 reviews
Limelight Hardy Hydrangea Tree
13 reviews
Royal Star Magnolia
36 reviews
Little Gem Magnolia
9 reviews
Sunny Knock Out® Rose Tree
13 reviews
Cleveland Pear Tree
16 reviews
Newport Flowering Plum Tree
26 reviews
Tuscarora Crape Myrtle
6 reviews
Twilight Crape Myrtle
9 reviews
Southern Magnolia
13 reviews

What are the Best Types of Flowering Trees for Florida?

Crape myrtles are great flowering trees for Florida. They are drought tolerant and beautiful with a long bloom season and colorful flowers. Many crape myrtle can grow in the warmest parts of Florida. Several varieties of magnolia are a good fit for the hot Florida climate.

What are Native Flowering Trees for Florida?

The sweetbay magnolia is a Florida native tree. Its large fragrant flowers and attractive semi evergreen (evergreen in FL) leaves stand out in the home landscape. It is fast growing and rarely has problems with pests or disease. However birds enjoy its branches for nests and seeds for food. The southern magnolia is also native to Florida (north and central). It gets quite large, but has phenomenal fragrant flowers and foliage. The little gem is a dwarf version of the Southern Magnolia. The eastern redbud has pretty purple flowers in early spring and heart shaped leaves. This shade tolerant tree is native to northern Florida, but can grow into central Florida with success. The tulip poplar is another native Florida flowering tree. It is native to north and central Florida. With green, orange, and yellow tulip-like blooms in spring, this large shade tree is a nice specimen for large yards in Florida.

When to Plant Florida FloweringTrees?

Florida flowering trees can be planted anytime of year including winter. Summer is the least favorable time for planting in Florida because of the excess heat. Supplement with extra water when planting in summer. Newly planted trees should be watered deeply daily for the first week and 2 to 3 times weekly for the next 2 to 3 months. When planting in spring in Florida keep on a watering schedule at least through the first summer. When planting in summer in Florida, water daily for the first 2 weeks and 3 to 4 times per week for the next 2 to 3 months. 

When to Prune Florida Flowering Trees?

Prune most Florida flowering trees in winter for best results. The exception is spring flowering trees. These trees should be pruned after they are done flowering to avoid removing flower buds. Minor pruning of flowering trees can be done at any time. Broken, sick, or dead branches should be removed when you notice them.

Flowering Trees for South Florida

South Florida is the hottest part of the state. It is growing zone 10. This is the most difficult region to find suitable flowering trees. We carry several varieties of crape myrtle in a variety of colors and sizes that are appropriate for this area. Knock out rose trees can be planted in this area, but will need watered when the ground dries out. The sweetbay magnolia and mimosa tree (Persian silk tree) can handle the hot temperatures of southern Florida. Always keep in mind that no matter how heat and drought tolerant a tree is, it will need watered well for the first few months and in this extremely hot climate a deep watering once weekly in summer and/or during the bloom period will always be beneficial to the tree.

Flowering Trees for Central Florida

Central Florida is predominantly USDA growing zone 9. Any crape myrtle tree is a great pick for central Florida. Many of our rose trees, hydrangea trees, rose of sharon trees, magnolia trees, flowering cherry trees, redbud trees, dogwood trees (Cornus florida) and the Cleveland pear tree can grow in central Florida. 

Flowering Trees for North Florida

Northern Florida is the best region in Florida for growing flowering trees. This area is the coolest part of the state so many Florida flowering trees are suitable for this area. North Florida is mainly growing zones 8a and 8b. Crape myrtles, rose trees, hydrangea trees, wisteria trees, fruiting and ornamental pear trees, rose of sharon trees, redbud trees, flowering cherry trees, crabapple trees, magnolia trees, plum trees, and dogwood trees can grow in this region of the state.

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