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Hostas Description

Hostas is a beautiful plant to add to your landscape and all you have available is shade, Hostas are your ideal choice! These stunners have large leaves of all different colors that may remind you of a house plant. These plants are hardy and adaptable and return year after year.

Few plants perform in shade like the beautiful Big Daddy Hosta. You'll get lovely blue-green color and richly textured leaves in an easy to grow perennial that returns year after year. The Big Daddy is a favorite for its shade tolerance, great look, and high slug resistance.

The large, variegated leaves of the Earth Angel Hosta look painted by an artist. The center of the leaves are blue-green that reaches out into the creamy white to yellow margins. This hosta is considered a giant variety; tt’s mature spread is up to 5 feet while its height reaches 2-3 feet. This variety has pale purple flowers in summer.

The Great Expectation Hosta leaves are almost an inside out version of the Earth Angel leaves with yellow centers that meet with blue-green margins. This slow growing hosta has a mature height and spread of 2-3 feet and white flowers in summer.

White edges highlight the deep green centers of the Patriot Hosta leaves. Summer brings lavender flowers to heighten this hosta’s pop. The Patriot is a small full hosta with a mature height and width of 1-2 feet.

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