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Palm Trees

Palm Trees generally grow in warm climates or are grown as patio or indoor plants in cooler growing zones. These trees offer a tropical look just where you want it. Great for pool areas!

Majesty or Magestic palm is the perfect houseplant that offers long green fronds with a medium to fast growth rate. This is one of the most popular palms for indoors. Its strong fronds have an elegant look. This tree only grows outdoors in hot climates.

King Sago Palms are surprisingly low maintenance. Whether you plant your Sago in your yard or you use it as a houseplant, you will love how easy this tropical plant is to grow. Sago Palms are even deer, pest, and disease resistant. A crown of stiff, feathery leaves sit atop a chubby, textured, brown trunk. The leaves are deep green and shiny. This tree has an attractive, symmetrical form. This tree grows slowly and stays fairly small in pots. In the ground in can reach over 10 feet at maturity.

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