Adored for their profuse blooms clusters and easy care, Spireas are loved by the novice and expert gardener alike. Beautiful as borders, perfect in perennial beds, amazing as accents anywhere, and magnificent in mass plantings, this flowering shrub is as versatile as it is stunning in the landscape! With a range of colors from pink to yellow to purple and varying sizes you are sure to find the right Spirea for you. This hardy bush grows almost everywhere within the United States.

Spireas are cold hardy, adaptable, and drought and heat tolerant once established. This deciduous shrub is pest, disease, and deer resistant. Maintenance requirements are minimal. Deadhead or shear flowers for continuous and reblooming potential.

And don’t forget...the abundant blooms of the Spirea attract butterflies! So, get your binoculars ready!

The Little Princess Spirea is a soft and feminine shrub perfect for cottage gardens. With a compact size and shape this Spirea fits just about anywhere. You won’t need to baby this plant for a lovely, mounded appearance. The light green foliage is lush and attractive. Pretty, pink flower clusters blanket the Little Princess Spirea in late spring and last into summer. Try this beautiful bush in low hedges for a great look!

The dwarf Goldmound Spirea is small, but mighty. This shrub has vibrant color ranging from yellow to green to orange depending on the time of year. Pink blooms add even more color in spring and summer. This Spirea is striking in containers. Add color to your patio, deck or entryway. The Goldmound Spirea makes a border that elevates your landscape with vivid color and lush texture. At only 2 to 3 feet tall and 3 to 4 feet wide at maturity your options are endless.

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