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Rose Creek Abelia

Rose Creek Abelia


Introduction Easy Shrub that Adds Subtle Beautiful Color Great Shrub for Year-Round Interest! Add color to your landscape! Attracts butterflies Gr...

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Radiance Abelia

Radiance Abelia


Introduction New, Hard to Find Variety! Vibrant color that really pops when planted with darker colors. Makes it easy adding color to your home At...

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Mardi Gras Abelia

Mardi Gras Abelia


Introduction Beautiful Shrub that Attracts Butterflies and Hummingbirds! Year round crisp color Great for a small hedge Disease resistant and hard...

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Abelia Description

Abelia is generally used in the landscape to add color and depth, the hardy Abelia is versatile and can be used as a small hedge or staggered throughout your landscape. These adaptable shrubs are heat, drought, and frost tolerant as well as deer resistant. Abelias are semi-evergreen. They are evergreen in most of the recommended zones. However, in the cooler zones like zone 6 or even 7 in a harsh winter they may defoliate partially or completely.

The leaves of the Confetti Abelia are variegated with green centers and creamy white margins that transition to blushing pink as the weather cools. The flowers emerge white from pink buds. This small shrub is versatile, easy to maintain, and can fit just about anywhere in the landscape. Try it in a container for a unique look.

The glossy green leaves of the hardy Edward Goucher Abelia transition into purple-bronze as cool weather takes over. The flowers are a lilac-pink that really stands out atop the glossy green leaves. The classic Edward Goucher is a trusted Abelia.

We love the striking color transition and display of the Kaleidoscope Abelia. In spring, the center of the foliage is light green with bright yellow around the outer edges. In summer, the color deepens, transitioning into a dark green center with golden-yellow outer edges. An abundance of white, subtly fragrant flowers emerge during late summer and continue to bloom into fall. With a beautiful spectrum of greens, reds, yellows, and oranges this plant is quite literally a kaleidoscope of pigments in fall. This small shrub can fit just about anywhere in your landscape. The Kaleidoscope Abelia is stunning in containers.

The Mardi Gras Abelia is disease resistant and easy to maintain. This shrub adds lovely warm colors to your landscape. White flowers pop open from rosy pink buds over green leaves with creamy white to pink-red edges. These lightly fragrant flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

The new growth of the Radiance Abelia is medium green with creamy white margins, while the more aged foliage is a striking silver green with yellow margins. Not only is the foliage beautiful, but the stems themselves provide a great contrast with a vivid crimson pigment. An abundance of white, slightly fragrant flowers are produced during late spring to fall. This Abelia is easy to maintain and great for a small hedge or mass planting.

The foliage of the Rose Creek Abelia is a bright, showy green that transitions to a deep purple when the weather begins to cool. An abundance of white, slightly fragrant flowers are produced during late spring to fall. These blooms attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Rose Creek is a versatile Abelia that is easy to grow and low maintenance.

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