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The makers of the revolutionary Pittmoss® Prime have done it again!  Pittmoss® Performance Organic Mix is being embraced by the gardening community as the best potting medium out there!

Pittmoss® Performance saves you precious time by reducing the need to water.  Optimal aeration and biological activity encourage healthy roots and rapid growth. Less nitrogen runoff and superior nutrient absorption means you won't need to fertilize several times per year like with other potting mixes.  

Pittmoss® Performance Organic Mix doesn't just work well; it is great for the environment.  By avoiding peat moss and using this quality product you can help reduce the amount of harmful greenhouse gases released.  Pittmoss Performance is made from recycled newspaper.  Instead of sitting in a landfill, newspaper is upcycled into this one of a kind, exciting, new product.  High quality nutrients and minerals are added to boost this potting medium.

Pittmoss® Performance is guaranteed to be free of contaminants, insects, diseases, and weeds.

Use this product anywhere you would use traditional potting mix or soil.  Try it inside for house plants and outside for container gardens or boosting weak or difficult soil.  This mix is even perfect for starting seeds.  No matter how you use it, you are going to love what Pittmoss® Performance can do for your plants!

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Fertilizer Feed Duration

2-3 Months

Drought Tolerance




Use this product anywhere you would use traditional potting mix or soil.  Try it inside for house plants and outside for container gardens or boosting weak or difficult soil. Pittmoss® Performance is even perfect for starting seeds.

Consider our trusted soil conditioner if needed.

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