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Choosing The Right Crape Myrtle Tree

February 8, 2022 Jill Raver
Filed in: Tree Information

So, here you are. You LOVE Crape Myrtles! We do too! But what now? What size? What color? What type? This article will point you in the right direction when picking out a Crape Myrtle of your very own. The most important deciding factor will be size. We carry dwarf all the way to large varieties, so you have options to choose from for a small or large space. 

Shrub or Dwarf Crape Myrtles

Dwarf Crape Myrtle TreeThis type of Crape Myrtle is perfect for a small space. You will love the Magic series if you want the look of a bush rather than the look of a tree. They can easily be pruned if you prefer that classic tree look. If you’re looking for a dwarf Crape Myrtle with rich color and disease resistance the Magic Series is a perfect choice.  A notable bonus is these little guys are cold hardy and can grow well even into a zone 6. For you colder growing zones that are looking for a touch of southern beauty, these do well in containers by a sunny window. 

Variety Flower Color Bloom Time Zones Height (ft) Width (ft) Growth Rate
Coral Magic Salmon Pink Late June to July 7 - 9 6 - 8 6-8 0.5 - 1ft / yr
Plum Magic Pink Late June to July 7 - 9 6 - 8 6-8 0.5 - 1ft / yr
Purple Magic Dark Purple Late June to July 7 - 9 6 - 8 6-8 0.5 - 1ft / yr

Small Crape Myrtle Trees

Purple Crape Myrtle TreeThese Crape Myrtle varieties are perfect for a small yard or space.  Small Crape Myrtles are perfect mini shade trees for a meditation garden or patio.  Try multiples to line a driveway for a high-end look.  The Black Diamond series and the Pink Velour can be grown indoor in a container for you cooler growing zones! The Black Diamond Crape Myrtles are disease resistant and beyond compare for a unique look. The black (yes, I said black!) leaves allow the colorful flowers to really pop. For a super rich purple, look to the Catawba. You will be enjoying violet purple color all summer! You can’t get prettier in pink than the Pink Velour Crape Myrtle. This variety is a deep, vibrant pink you’ll adore.

Variety Flower Color Bloom Time Zones Height (ft) Width (ft) Growth Rate
Black Diamond Best Red Red July to Oct 7 - 10 10 - 12 8 1 - 2ft / yr
Black Diamond Blush Light Pink July to Oct 7 - 10 10 - 12 8 1 - 2ft / yr
Black Diamond Pure White White July to Oct 7 - 9 10 - 12 8 1 - 2ft / yr
Catawba Violet Purple July to Late Sept 7 - 9 15 12 1 - 2ft / yr
Pink Velour Deep Pink Early July to Sept 7 - 10 8 - 10 10 0.5 - 1ft / yr

Large Crape Myrtle Trees

White Crape Myrtle TreeIf you are looking for a large, flowering shade tree these are the varieties for you. Large Crape Myrtles are perfect focal trees whether you need one for a smaller yard or several for a large yard. Red, red, red! You love it so we have 2 varieties in this popular color!  The Red Rocket Crape Myrtle is your best choice for cooler zones as this variety goes into a zone 6. The Dynamite is an extremely popular variety for its cherry red color, pest and disease resistance, drought tolerance, and classic Crape Myrtle shape. If you are looking for the longest bloom time look to the lavender purple Muskogee or the white Natchez. You will enjoy flowers for months!  The Muskogee is also one the few Crape Myrtles that is recommended into a zone 11. Howdy, hot states, this is the tree for you!

Variety Flower Color Bloom Time Zones Height (ft) Width (ft) Growth Rate
Dynamite Cherry Red Early July to Oct 7 - 9 15 - 25 15 2 - 3ft / yr
Muskogee Lavender June to Oct 7 - 11 25 - 30 20 3 - 5ft / yr
Natchez White June to Oct 7 - 10 20 - 30 20 3 - 5ft / yr
Red Rocket Red July to Oct 7 - 9 20 - 30 15 3 - 5ft / yr


No matter what you are looking for in a Crape Myrtle Tree, you are sure to find a perfect fit!  For small spaces, look to the colorful and hardy Magic series. These look amazing by themselves, in groups, or as a hedge. The Catawba, the Pink Velour and the Black Diamond series are perfect for a small yard or when you are looking for a tree hedge or border. When you are looking for a showy, focal tree, look to the larger crape myrtle varieties like the Dynamite, purple Muskogee, Natchez, and the cold hardy Red Rocket.

Be sure to browse our Crape Myrtle Trees collection for additional options!


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