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Growing Tall Grasses in Pots

February 8, 2022 Jill Raver
Filed in: Ornamental Grass


fountain grass - tall grasses in pots
Ornamental grasses are reminiscent of water—they add movement to your garden and a gentle sound when the wind blows. Some even reflect light, thus emanating a soft glow. Like water, they add an element of tranquility and calm to your outdoor spaces. 


However, tall grasses have a way of spreading across your landscape. You may plant them near the edge of your deck one year and find they’ve meandered between it by the following year. If you’re concerned about their robust ability to take over when you prefer they stay put, you can plant them in containers. 


Tall Grasses in Pots

potted grasses

Growing tall grasses in pots is a beautiful way to enjoy these lush plants’ luxurious sights and sounds while also organizing them into preferred spaces. Ornamental grasses in pots are great for decor whether on your open patio, deck, on your garden wall, or amidst your landscape. You can even mix and match them with flowers and other plants for stunning potted masterpieces. 

The Benefits of Ornamental Grass

You gain several benefits when you add ornamental grasses to your garden or yard. First and foremost, beauty—but also ease of care and versatility. 


Growing grass in containers allows you to add pops of color to carefully chosen areas of your outdoor space, as well as flow and contrast to your overall design. When most people think of grasses, they imagine various shades of green. While we encourage you to explore how these shades play off one another, we’d also like to expand your vision by introducing a variety of colorful grasses. 


pink muhly grassPink Muhly Grass adds a gentle pink to your garden and introduces a soothing softness to its surroundings.  Billowy, pink clouds blur and brighten your landscape from late summer through fall. While this plant works well for massing, lining your walkway, or creating depth and drawing your eye around the yard, it’s also perfect for container gardens. 


The cool blue color of Blue Dune Lyme Grass is a lovely compliment to rock gardens or flowers, and it adds an element of tranquility to your container garden. Imagine a well-manicured garden covered in a bed of smooth rocks featuring a fountain. Then add the gentle blue of this grass to bring dimension and well-coordinated height as your eye moves from the lowest level of rocks to the peaceful flow of the fountain. When you are growing grass in containers, you have complete control over design. 

Blue Zinger Sedge grass

Tall grasses for pots come in various textures. We love the Blue Zinger Sedge because it weaves color into your landscape and adds movement wherever you plant it. The surface of the Blue Zinger’s blades exudes gentility as it sways. Each blade’s bend is gradual and apparent. Whereas the Pink Muhly Grass, for example, wisps, the Blue Zinger cascades. When you grow grass in containers, you can incorporate varying degrees of color, texture, and movement while maintaining specificity in your design.

Ease of Care

ornamental grasses for pots

Ornamental grasses tend to be extremely low maintenance. Place your pot in full sun or partial shade. You’ll likely need to divide grasses every three years as they grow.

When you are choosing tall grasses for pots, you can rest assured that once you’ve established the grass, you’ll enjoy their beauty without having to worry about pruning or maintaining them. 

If you consider yourself a pro and you enjoy a highly manicured look, you can undoubtedly trim growing grass in containers in late winter or early spring and add some food to the pot in early spring. 

If you consider yourself a beginning gardener, no need to fuss over your tall grasses in pots. Be sure to add fertilizer when you plant and water them well as they establish, but after that, simply sit back and enjoy.



Cassian Fountain Grass for pots

Ornamental grasses can serve a variety of purposes. Cassian Fountain Grass, for example, is perfect for mass plantings, lining walkways, and staggering throughout your landscape. That’s an extensive range of possibilities for one plant!

In general, tall grasses add height to the corners of your garden or throughout your landscape. They’re also excellent choices when you’re looking to fill large, empty spaces in your yard. Tall grasses for pots are also hardy and, as we mentioned, enjoy spreading out. Their propensity for taking over makes them perfect candidates for containers. Growing grass in containers allows you to enjoy all their benefits while keeping them in place. 

Tall grasses, such as Pampas Grass, can also be added to borders for a subtle privacy barrier when strategically planted.

Choosing A Pot


choosing a pot - tall grasses in pots

When selecting a pot for tall grasses, make sure it’s wide enough for the reaching blades, and deep enough for the roots to establish. In other words, you’ll want a fairly large pot. Dark colored pots tend to work best because they assist with evaporating moisture. You’ll also want to make sure your pot has drainage holes. Choose medium to large plain or decorative pots, and dress up your landscape with height and texture.


When you add ornamental grasses to your deck, patio, garden, or landscape, you’re adding movement, beauty, and texture to the overall look and feel of your outdoor space. Whether you prefer the velvety blooms of Cassian Fountain Grass or Pink Muhly or the more structured blades of Blue Dune Lyme or Blue Zinger, we know you’ll enjoy the process and product of growing tall grasses in pots.



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