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What Blooms in the Fall

February 8, 2022 Jill Raver
Filed in: Fall Planting Guides
fall blooming

There’s a common misconception that one of the only flowers that bloom in the fall are Chrysanthemums (or Mums). These are sold at the entrances of home and garden stores, as well as your local grocery unless you’re far north. While we agree nature used gorgeous hues on Mums, we’re happy to report a myriad of other flowers and shrubs bloom in the fall! For example, Camellias are cold-weather bloomers bringing radiant blossoms to your landscape and garden. Read on to find more examples of what blooms in the fall.

What Blooms in the Fall

house in fall - what blooms in fall

Plenty of perennials will give your garden new life as we transition from summer to fall, and enjoy pumpkins and apple cider before we embrace the cozy hibernation of winter. 

To bring focus to your search, we’ve categorized some of the most beautiful plants that bloom in September and October, as well as the best time to plant so you can make your autumn garden shine. 

Flowers and Shrubs That Bloom in September and October

October Magic Inspiration Camellia

Just because the weather turns cold doesn’t mean it’s time to pack up your gardening tools. On the contrary, you can keep the color going right up until the first frost when you integrate late-season bloomers into your garden and landscaping. 

Some of our favorite flowers that bloom in September and October include October Magic Orchid Camellias, Dark Pink Kanjiro Camellias, and Autumn Moonlight Encore Azaleas. We offer a wide variety of fall bloomers, but we’ll focus on these three because they’re a vibrant cross-section of perennials. These plants are low maintenance and bring a bright glow to your outdoor spaces just in time to accent the jewel-toned brilliance of the leaves that usher in autumn and the beginning of winter. 


october magic orchid camellias
October Magic Orchid Camellias are compact in stature, but they are big on dramatic effect! This dwarf Camellia only reaches 4-5 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide, perfect for foundation plantings and low hedges. It has a natural conical shape that looks great in containers, with no pruning required! 


This fall perennial adds a gentle white-to-bubble gum pink bloom just as the colors of summer begin to fade. While the colors on these blooms are bright and cheerful, if you’re looking for a deeper pink to draw the eye around your garden or landscaping, you might consider Dark Pink Kanjiro Camellias.


Dark Pink Kanjiro Camellias
Dark Pink Kanjiro Camellias bloom in the fall. From their beautiful, year-round, glossy green foliage to their stunning, large flowers that pop up when most plants are done doing anything, the Camellia simply shines in your landscape! 


Imagine enjoying your end-of-the-year backyard cookouts with friends and family under a covering of red, orange, and yellow leaves and surrounded by pops of deep pink. These Camellias add a cheerful reminder that we can embrace change as we celebrate the memories of summer and look forward to the festivities of the fall and winter holidays. 

Yuletide Camellias what blooms in fall

There are many other Camellia varieties. Greensboro Red Camellias and Yuletide Camellias provide pops of red, Shishi Gashira a bold pink, and the October Magic Inspiration Camellia a mix of white and pink. Whatever your preference, your landscape can be in colorful bloom throughout fall and winter.

One of our go-to’s, when customers ask what blooms in the fall, are our stunning Autumn Moonlight Encore Azaleas. The flowers bloom in September and October on these hardy plants, bringing a soft white glow to any garden. 

Encore Azaleas are known for their ability to re-bloom in spring, summer, and fall. The Autumn Moonlight is a fast grower. Reaching heights of up to 5 feet tall and a spread of 4 feet makes this white Encore Azalea great for areas that need a boost of color.

Autumn Royalty Encore Azalea what blooms in fall

If you’d rather go red, Autumn Fire or Autumn Bonfire Encore Azaleas bring boldness to your landscape. Autumn Belles provide an elegant light pink, whereas Autumn Empress blooms with a brighter pink hue. Autumn Lilac Azaleas and Autumn Royalty Encore Azaleas exude purple majesty. No matter what color, or mix of colors (there are bi-color Encore Azaleas too!), they are sure to impress. 

An interesting note on this plant—the first reblooming Encore Azalea was released in 1998. Since then, over 30 Encore varieties are available. As you can see, these perennial plants have quickly changed the world of Azaleas! 

Grasses That Thrive in Fall 

Pink Muhly Grass and Little Zebra Miscanthus Maiden Grass are good choices if you prefer to add a more subtle pop of color or gently cascading hues that add movement and depth to your outdoor space. 

Fall plants and perennials that bloom as the weather grows cold are all like exclamation points in your landscaping. Whereas many believe the end of summer is the end of their planting season, these surprising and hardy perennials steal the show with their zeal.


pink muhly grass
Pink Muhly Grass features a breathtaking pink mist that forms on top of its blades from late summer through fall. These pink plumes add a stunning highlight to your landscape. We’re also pleased to report that this vibrant addition to your landscaping is low maintenance. A haircut in late winter or early spring, and some food in spring, will keep your grass in fantastic shape. But your Pink Muhly will be just fine if you forget about it. Once established, Pink Muhly is drought tolerant.


Little Zebra Miscanthus Maiden Grass

Like the Pink Muhly, Little Zebra Miscanthus Maiden Grass dances in the breezes that blow through September and October. Alternating horizontal bands of vibrant green and yellows give this hardy maiden grass a fantastic look. Purple-pink plumes emerge around August and bloom into winter. These tassel-like blooms fade to tan in winter but stay upright, adding exciting winter interest.

Other exciting ornamental grasses to plant in fall include White Muhly Grass, Pampas Grass, Cassian Fountain Grass, and Shenandoah Switch Grass.

When you’re contemplating the possibilities of what blooms in the fall, explore fall perennials and fall plants. Have fun choosing the flower, shrub, or tree that’s perfect for you!



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