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How To Change Hydrangea Color | From Blue To Pink

Not a fan of blue flowers? We are here to help you out! Changing hydrangea blooms from blue to pink tends to be easier than turning them pink to blue. So you pink lovers are the lucky ones in the hydrangea gardener’s world. Follow these steps of hydrangea color change to get your pretty pink hydrangea blooms back!

Step 1.
The first step in hydrangea color change is to check your soil pH to know where you stand. The ideal pH for pink blooms is around 6.0.
Step 2.
Turning your hydrangea flowers pink is achieved by adding lime to your soil. Apply garden/agricultural lime by following the recommended dose for the product you purchase. The dose can vary depending on your current pH and the type of soil you have. Sandy soils require less lime that a clay soil. Generally applying about 1 cup per plant once per year is safe. Sprinkle the lime all around your plant on the soil out to the dripline. Use a rake to scratch the lime into the soil, but be gentle to avoid harming your plant. The optimal time to apply the initial dose is in early spring or fall, but you can do this anytime. Even if you are already seeing flowers you may be able to see a hydrangea color change before bloom season is over, especially with the reblooming varieties that have a long flowering season.
Step 3.
Water in well. Water deeply and thoroughly. This is key to getting the chemical processes going and getting the hydrangea color change to work, so don’t skip this step! Be sure to rinse off any lime that got on your plant.
Step 4.
Test your soil after a few months. You don’t want the soil pH to go above 6.4. At this pH hydrangeas cannot absorb iron and may become chlorotic. If your pH isn’t where you want it or the hydrangea color change hasn’t happened yet, don’t get discouraged; this isn’t unusual. Apply another dose of lime.

Pink Perfection - Tips from the Pros

Hand watering may affect your efforts especially if you have soft water. Soft water tends to be low in pH or acidic. A good solution if you have soft water is to catch rainwater and use that to water your hydrangeas.
If your pH goes too high, add an iron supplement when you fertilize your plant in spring. If your soil test shows elevated aluminum choose a fertilizer with high phosphorus (the middle number). Phosphorus helps prevent the absorption of aluminum which is just what you need to achieve those pretty pink blooms.

If you have tried everything with no success, you can always grow your hydrangea bushes in pots. This controlled environment is an easy way to get your flowers the color your want. To adjust the pH of the planting mix cut the lime dose in half for container grown hydrangeas.

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