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How To: Landscaping With Drift Roses

February 8, 2022 Jill Raver
Filed in: Roses

landscaping with drift rosesDrift roses are incredibly versatile in the home landscape. Because of their petite size these fabulous flowers fit just about anywhere. Landscaping with drift roses adds loads of color for three seasons! These miniature groundcover rose bushes are great planted in groups or staggered throughout mixed beds. They make beautiful borders too! You can even create a fabulous look on your porch, deck, or patio by planting drift roses in pots or hanging baskets. No matter where you plant drift roses in the landscape you are going to love the added beauty, appeal, texture, and color these phenomenal plants can add to your home and garden.

Landscaping With Drift Roses

First, let’s talk colors. You have several flower colors to choose from when it comes to drift roses. You can choose the color to contrast and/or complement other colors in your landscape. You can also just pick what you like! Easy peasy!

Drift Rose Colors And Pairings

Apricot Drift Rose

apricot drift rose

The apricot drift rose has subtle pink and orange tones. The flowers are heavily petaled and lovely. This plant looks gorgeous paired with pink, orange, and yellow hues.

Popcorn Drift Rose

popcorn drift rose

This popcorn drift rose has a very unique buttery color. The buds and newly open flowers are yellow. As the blooms open wider the color fades to creamy white. This nice subtle color adds a cheeriness without being over the top. Popcorn drift roses look great with other yellow or white flowers and complement pinks, purples, and blues.

Peach Drift Rose

peach drift rose

The peach drift rose has a slightly larger bloom than other drifts. This rose bush offers orange and pink hues for three seasons. It looks amazing paired with greens, blues, pinks, and oranges in the landscape.

Pink Drift Rose

pink drift rose

This pink drift rose is a darker pink than the sweet drift rose. It adds great deep pink color to mixed beds or containers. This rose bush complements greens and yellows and looks beautiful with other shades of pink.

Coral Drift Rose

coral drift roses

The coral drift rose bush has bright orange-pink blooms in spring, summer, and fall. This small rose really stands out in the home landscape. It contrasts blues and greens and also looks great with purples, oranges, pinks, and yellows.

Red Drift Rose

red drift roses

The red drift rose is the most popular drift rose on the market. And it is easy to see why with those stunning ruby red blooms! This miniature groundcover rose has tons of petite red blooms in clusters. Red and green are complementary colors so the red drift rose looks amazing in just about any yard.

Sweet Drift Rose

sweet drift rose

The sweet drift rose is a pink groundcover rose bush. They are bubblegum pink in color and the blooms are full and lush. Pink hues look great with greens, blues, and yellows.

White Drift Rose

white drift rose

The white drift rose has a pure snow white bloom. This is the drift rose for absolutely any home. It literally goes with anything! In containers this pretty low growing rose adds elegance and sophistication.

Landscaping With Drift Roses Tips

  • These ground cover roses make absolutely beautiful borders.
  • Drift roses clustered together in groups of 3, 5 or more add loads of color and beauty. Plant them in a straight line or stagger them if you want a more exciting look. Drift roses are even great for erosion control on hills and slopes.
  • Combine drift roses with other plants in a mixed bed. Mix these small rose bushes with perennials and evergreens shrubs.
  • Use drift roses to layer. This creates a natural feel. Choose plants that grows a foot or so taller for behind your drift roses and larger plants for behind that. Be sure to choose some evergreens shrubs in your layered landscape plan for year-round greenery.

Drift Roses in Pots

potted drift rose

Whether you own or rent your home or apartment drift roses can be part of your outdoor decor. Potted drift roses are sensational for adding a pop of color just about anywhere. (Just be sure there is at least 4 hours of sunlight.) Plant drift roses in your favorite container or hanging basket. You can transform your patio, deck, porch or entryway with just a couple plants. You will love the look you create with drift roses in your outdoor living area.

Landscaping with drift roses will add beautiful pops of color to your property. You have many options to choose from and many ways to incorporate them in your landscape. Happy planting!

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