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The Best Home Office Plants to Liven Up Your Space

February 8, 2022 Jill Raver
Filed in: Indoor and Patio Plants

Adding a plant to your office may be the best thing you do this year. Having greenery around you has been proven to help increase productivity, reduce stress, reduce depression symptoms, and improve concentration.

As if that wasn’t enough, houseplants help to purify the air we breathe indoors. Their color also instantly livens up a space and is an easy way to add some brightness to your decorations. Isn’t it amazing what one little plant can do?

So, while you may be stuck inside working, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a little bit of plant therapy while you type away! This list covers some of the best and most unique home office plants you can add to your collection.

What to Look for in an Office Plant

Before you start filling up your office with houseplants, keep these tips in mind:

  • Lighting. Offices don’t often have the best lighting. If you’re by a window, choose a plant that likes bright light. If you’re working away from a window, you want a plant that can tolerate low or partial light.
  • Space. While that plant may be small now, it could grow into something much larger! Make sure you have enough room to accommodate your plant as it grows into its full maturity.
  • Watering. We’re not always at the office. Avoid plants that require frequent watering or get ready to find yourself a plant sitter.
  • Drama. Most of these plants on this list are not your average houseplant. Your workplace can be fun just by adding some unique and eye-catching plants.

The Best Large Home Office Plants

These home office plants are great for filling up empty corners or completely changing the feel of the room. Place them in a pretty pot on the floor and let them work their magic!

Basjoo Banana Tree

Basjoo Banana Tree: Originally cultivated in Japan, this showstopping plant will add a tropical feel to your office. They grow well in pots and prefer bright light so be sure to place it close to a sunny window. When grown indoors, the leaves don’t grow as big but they still create a dramatic and lush effect! Make sure you dedicate enough space to this large beauty.

Sago Palm Tree

Sago Palm Tree: If you wish you were hanging out by the ocean rather than your office, this sago palm tree may help! Feathery, shiny leaves sit on top of a thick brown trunk to create a true beach vacation vibe. While they can grow over 10 ft tall, they’re slow-growing and tend to grow outwards rather than up. Make sure it gets some sunlight and water only when dry.

Monstera Deliciosa Plant

Monstera Deliciosa Plant: Arguably one of the most popular houseplants out there, the monstera is one of the best home office plants. People will instantly recognize the big leaves with the signature slits and leathery feel. Monsteras likes indirect light but can tolerate low light if your desk area is far from a window. They’re fairly hardy and don’t mind being left to do their own thing with the occasional watering!

Majesty Palm Tree

Majesty Palm: Another great palm tree, the majesty palm instantly adds a sense of relaxation to the room. The majesty palm doesn’t have a thick trunk like the sago palm and tends to grow a little higher rather than outwards. Completely non-toxic, this is a great option for a home office with a pet that likes to lounge about.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig: Everyone is trying to get their hands on a fiddle leaf fig for the office. The large leaves are heavily veined and shaped almost violin-like. They like bright indirect light, so place them in a sunny area but not right next to the window if it’s south-facing. While they can be finickier than other plants on this list, they’re guaranteed to add plenty of character.

The Best Desk Plants

If you’re strapped for space and want a little bit of greenery to boost your spirits, these smaller plants can fit right on your desk.

Sempervivum Purple Succulent

Sempervivum Purple Beauty Succulent: Those who want all the benefits of a plant without all the work should try buying succulents for the desk. This sempervivum purple is the definition of low maintenance, accepting of hot and dry, cold and warm, and poor soil quality. Plant them in a wide and shallow container and let them do their thing.

Majesty Palm Tree

Sempervivum Green Wheel Succulent: The same plant as the last but make it green! This succulent has layers of dense and firm leaves, forming a rosette. You may even get pale pink flowers during the growing season if they’re happy with their office home!

Majesty Palm Tree

Rosemary Plant: Most people don’t think of herbs as a home office plant, but they really should! You can enjoy the fragrance and all the herbal benefits of rosemary within arm’s reach of your laptop. A tough little plant, it doesn’t require much care and will happily sit to be enjoyed for its beauty or its flavor.

Majesty Palm Tree

Peace Lily Plant: If you want a desk plant with a little more pizazz, consider growing a peace lily. A symbol of hope and tranquility, it has green glossy leaves with white flower-like spathes that poke through. It’s one of the top plants used for filtering air by removing toxins, absorbing mold spores, and providing oxygen to give your brain a boost.

Wondering where to buy desk plants? Find some of the most popular houseplants for your office online at We’ve got just the plant you’ve been looking for!

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