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Plant A Tree For A New Baby

February 8, 2022 Jill Raver
Filed in: Landscaping Guides

Trees represent life and growth so they are a perfect symbol of new life. Whether you’re a new parent, grandparent, or will be a new parent or grandparent, planting a birth tree is a perfect way to commemorate the birth of the new addition to your family. Few things are as important as bringing a child into the world. Planting a tree to celebrate the occasion will give you something to treasure for years. Think of all the photos of your child or grandchild next to his/her tree as they grow together. What an amazing gift for parents, grandparents, and the child. 


Planting a Birth Tree Benefits

plant a tree for a new baby


Planting a tree has so many benefits. From simply adding value, beauty, or shade to your yard to improving the environment and cleaning the air. Planting a tree is good for you, your child or grandchild, the environment, and your home. 



Give a Tree as a Gift to Grandparents

Giving a tree for a new baby isn’t just for parents. Birth trees are extra special for grandparents, especially those that are far away from their grandbabies. They can enjoy watching this beautiful symbol of their grandchild flourish and grow. As the child grows it will be wonderful to share the story of “their birth tree”.


Advice for Gifting a Tree For a New Baby

If you want to gift a birth tree, be sure the recipient has somewhere to plant the tree and the ability to plant the tree. REMEMBER, new moms and dads are TIRED. They probably don’t want to plant a tree for the first month or two when caring for their newborn. Consider buying the tree prior to the birth if the dad is up for the challenge or maybe hire someone to plant the tree for them or offer your own services if it’s possible. Elderly grandparents may need some help too. You can also choose a smaller tree for a container and avoid the planting part altogether, but I personally prefer a birth tree that is planted in the ground as it has a better chance of survival and it becomes part of the home. Of course, small container trees have their benefits as well. They can be easily moved to a new home.


Best Trees to Plant for a New Baby

cherry tree for a new baby

There are so many amazing trees to choose from when picking out a birth tree. Consider the size of the yard the tree will be planted in and pay close attention to the mature tree size and its recommended growing zones. I will give you an assortment of options in a variety of types and sizes. My favorite tree gift ideas are generally shade trees, flowering trees, or dwarf trees



Shade Trees

The Autumn Blaze Maple or October Glory Maple are hardy gift trees. I love these red maple trees for fall babies and red heads. They offer beauty, shade, and phenomenal fall color that you will cherish for years. Explore all of our Maple trees for sale.

Birch trees are easy to grow trees that symbolize new beginnings. Browse birch trees online here

Planting A Tree For A New Baby. Coral Bark Tree

The Coral Bark Japanese Maple is an exquisite upright Japanese Maple tree that is truly unique and colorful. Maple trees represent longevity, intelligence, balance, and generosity. 

The Ginkgo Tree is a symbol of longevity. This shade tree is also distinct, attractive, and hardy.

This majestic tree requires no introduction. The Weeping Willow is tough, lovely, and adaptable. Willow trees are a symbol of survival and adaptability. If you like unique tress, the Corkscrew Willow is another gorgeous willow option. Shop willow trees for sale.


Flowering Trees

Dogwood trees are a traditional flowering tree in the American landscape. Dogwoods come in red, white, and pink and in native and disease resistant varieties. These trees represent loyalty, safety, kindness, and determination. Buy Dogwood Trees online

Redbud Tree

Redbud trees are one of the first and most magnificent signs of spring. They offer phenomenal beauty that brightens the landscape and are a sign that the dreary winter is gone. I love the unique Royal White Redbud, the purple-leaved Forest Pansy, and the classic Eastern Redbud for birth trees. Browse our Redbud trees for sale here.

Weeping Cherry Blossom Trees are some of the most incredibly stunning and meaningful trees. These trees can mean fortune, luck, renewal and rebirth.

Mimosa Trees are perfect to greet the arrival of a new baby because they symbolize protection and love. This tropical tree is vase-shaped and grows extremely quickly. Their pom pom pink blossoms are gorgeous and add vibrancy to your landscape.


Dwarf Trees

Hydrangea Tree

Hydrangeas symbolize gratitude, grace, and beauty. A hydrangea tree is a lovely dwarf flowering tree for a baby girl. Shop Hydrangea trees.

Japanese Maples represent peace and serenity. There are many different choices from upright to weeping, and red to orange to green. Consider these beautiful and calming dwarf trees. Check out our gorgeous Japanese maples for sale online here


The Blue Chinese Wisteria Tree is another beauty. It's lovely blue-violet blossoms attract butterflies, which can be a beautiful symbol of life.

For an upscale look, consider a topiary birth tree. Most of these trees are evergreen so they add year-round interest. Shop Topiary trees online.


There are so many great tree gift ideas for parents or grandparents of a new baby. You are certainly not limited to my suggestions. You truly have an endless list of possibilities. Whatever tree you choose will be an ideal symbol of life, growth, and beauty. Happy planting to all the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends, and families of new babies! Oh, and congratulations on an amazing accomplishment and journey! Now, go plant a tree for a new baby! 


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