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Flowering Trees Description

Flowering trees are one of the most important additions to any landscape. These trees add color and beauty in addition to curb appeal and property value. Flowering trees provide shade in the warm months and most drop their leaves in fall, allowing sun to heat your home just when you need some warmth. Your pocketbook will thank you! All of our flowering trees are low maintenance once established. You don’t have to be an expert to take care of these easy to grow trees.

So, how do you choose which flowering trees are right for you?


Start with your site. If you have full sun, great, almost all flowering trees enjoy full sun. If you have a slightly shady spot choose a Flowering Dogwood or a Redbud tree. The Profusion Crabapple, Cleveland Flowering Pear, and Eastern Redbud are going to be the most tolerant of poor soil.

Check your Zone

Check your planting zone before choosing your tree. Cold areas - The Royal Star Magnolia, Newport Flowering Plum, and Eastern Redbud are going to be the most cold-hardy Flowering trees, growing into a zone 4. Warm climates - Several varieties of Crape Myrtle can grow into a zone 10. These include Muskogee, Natchez, Tonto, and the Black Diamond series. The Knockout Rose trees and the Newport Flowering Plum can also tolerate heat and grow into a zone 10.

What Size is Right for You?

Determine what size tree is right for your space. Be sure to check the mature height and spread of the flowering tree you like before buying. You want to make sure your new tree has plenty of room to grow. We definitely have a size that will suit your needs. From Knock Out® Rose trees and Crape Myrtles as small as 4 feet to the Cleveland Flowering Pear and Crape Myrtles that can grow over 30 feet tall and everything in between you have plenty of options.

Choose the Color and Features you Like!

Now for the fun part!  Pick the color, features, and look you like.

Few things announce spring quite like the early emerging blossoms of the Dogwood, Flowering Cherry, and Redbud trees. We treasure these blooms not only for their delicate and exquisite beauty but also for letting us know that warm weather is upon us and the dreary winter is coming to an end.

The Flowering Dogwood is sure to please with color options of white, pink, and red. No matter what color you choose this native tree is sure to add value to your property. Adored for its pretty four-lobed blooms, distinctive bark, and fiery red fall color, this classic tree puts on a show all year round. The Dogwood is your best option if you have a shady spot

Flowering Cherry trees are immensely popular all over the world. They have beauty beyond compare. The beloved Yoshino Flowering Cherry tree is one the very first trees to flower, blooming around Mid-March. The striking white-pink blossoms of the Yoshino have a uniquely light and sweet almond scent. Serious curb appeal here! The hardy Kwanzan Cherry tree has the longest bloom time of any Flowering Cherry tree. It touts lush pink blooms. The Kwanzan Cherry tree is the largest of these picturesque trees easily reaching 30 feet tall and wide at maturity.

Redbud trees have showy, purplish blooms that form clusters that pop up all over the tree, even on the trunk! Shimmery, heart-shaped leaves emerge in spring. Small, low maintenance, deer and drought tolerant, and adaptable, these stunning trees are perfect for any yard. The hardy Eastern Redbud is a great tree for tough sites and the most adaptable of the Redbuds. The Oklahoma Redbud is great for warmer regions and, like the Eastern Redbud, will tolerate some shade. The Rising Sun Redbud is the best Redbud for small spaces. Its mature size is only 8 to 12 feet tall and 8 feet wide. The foliage is amazing. From green to yellow to orange throughout the year this tree is a real looker. If you want true purple blooms choose the Forest Pansy Redbud. The heart-shaped foliage emerges plum purple in spring, fading to green in summer. If you love purple this is your tree!

If you are looking for a long bloom period, look no further than the Crape Myrtle. These southern beauties can bloom for over 4 months and add tons of color and character to your landscape. You can find just about any color you desire, light purple, dark purple, various shades of pink and red, and white. Try the Dynamite Crape Myrtle for a true red bloom virtually impossible to find in the plant world! Sizes range from 4 to 6 feet shrub-like dwarf trees to towering trees over 30 feet. There are even unique varieties with black leaves (Black Diamond series) and a few Crape Myrtles that can grow in the north. Check out the Red Rocket and the Magic series for the highest cold tolerance, growing into a planting zone 6. All of the Crape Myrtles we carry are pest and disease resistant as well as drought and deer tolerant.

You won’t find larger, more fragrant blooms than those of the Magnolia. These stunning trees are generally known as southern trees, but the Royal Star Magnolia grows all the way from a chilly zone 4 to a toasty zone 9! This dwarf tree also has a great compact shape and a petite size, only growing about 10 to 15 feet tall and wide at maturity. The large, white fragrant blooms that open in spring are the star of the show!

Check out the Profusion Crabapple for a striking tree that is pest and disease resistant and tough as nails, even tolerating pollution and salt. The deep pink blooms are stunning and bountiful. An added bonus of this gorgeous flowering tree is that it pollinates Apple trees. So, it you have apple trees look forward to better quality and quantity in your fruit.

If you want a truly unique Flowering tree, plant a Newport Flowering Plum. These trees are tough and can grow almost anywhere in the US. Deep purple leaves make this trees stand out in the crowd. And they aren’t just around in fall. Enjoy dark purple leaves in spring, summer, and autumn! Gorgeous and delicate white to pink blossoms coat this tree in spring.

The Cleveland Flowering Pear is the fastest growing flowering tree. This sturdy tree is tough and easy to maintain. It is loaded with white blooms in spring and has gorgeous deep red fall foliage.

Knock Out® Rose trees are perfect if you want a flowering tree but don’t have the space. These little trees are just as tough as Knock Out® Rose shrubs and have most of the same options in Sunny (yellow), Blush, Double Pink and Double Red. Great for containers, pest and disease resistant, low maintenance, and with 3 seasons of colorful blooms you can’t beat these little flowering trees! Knock Out® Rose Trees are the perfect gift too!

Be sure to browse our Dwarf TreesFlowering Cherry Trees and Flowering Pear Trees for additional options.

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