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PittMoss® Performance Garden Soil
2 reviews
Soil Amendments - PittMoss® Prime
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PittMoss® Description

PittMoss®  is for you whether you're an avid gardener, a specialty grower, or you prefer to mix your own soil to perfection. Using PittMoss® organic potting soil can dramatically improve your results. 

PittMoss® produces advanced mediums from organic, recycled paper. Meticulously and locally sourced, our products are the outcome of decades-long study into the use of recycled paper fibers. The result? The best doing, most environmentally-friendly gardening blends on the marketplace, that likewise call for much less water!

PittMoss® likewise produces pet bedding that's unlike any type of other bed linens today. We welcome you to try our items and find what your plants, and animals, have actually been missing out on!

PittMoss® Reduces the Need for Watering

The EPA reports that water managers in 40 of 50 states anticipate water shortages in the next 10 years. PittMoss can aid. It's made with a special engineered fiber that has premium water-holding qualities. Its physical form stops the water from running off, as well as rather, save the water to release it back to the plant when required. Not just does it boost the time in between watering, it also manages the water a lot more efficiently.

PittMoss® Keeps Material Out of the Landfill

PittMoss® is made from crafted up-cycled cellulosic fibers, like paper, that would normally end up in a landfill, as well as especially crafted to supply optimum administration of applied resources, like water. It additionally has an extraordinary wettability, water retention, and schedule. This creates much better use sources by saving and supplying it to your plants as they require it, and also minimizing runoff.

Why Peat-Free Matters

Peat is gathered from peatlands, which are thought about the world's largest earthbound organic carbon supply. When drained, they launch both co2 as well as nitrous oxide. Draining a peat bog the size of a football area releases as much carbon dioxide as driving a car three times around the planet! Peatlands are also important and breakable ecological communities-- hubs for rich bio-diversity.

PittMoss® Reduces the Need for Chemicals

PittMoss® is an innovative product created as a plant expanding substratum that practices an extra, responsible use of our natural resources. It has no hazardous parts; and its one-of-a-kind specs minimize reliance on surfactants, plant foods, and also other chemical ingredients. It additionally does not include any kind of seeds, bugs, moistening agents, or other pollutants.

PittMoss® Reduces Runoff and also Ground Water Pollution

PittMoss® keeps any applied inputs. Comparable to its capability to keep water, it reduces the amount of seeping that would usually happen, as well as reduces both phosphorous and nitrogen runoff. It will certainly avoid making use of 97,500 metric lots of carbon dioxide; 195 million gallons of water; 2.9 million grams of nitrogen; and 780,000 grams of phosphorous.

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