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Best Shade Trees for North Carolina | Top 5

February 8, 2022 Jill Raver
Filed in: Shade Trees

Let's talk about the top 5 best shade trees for North Carolina, According to the United States Department of Agriculture, a native plant is “part of the balance of nature that has developed over hundreds or thousands of years in a particular region or ecosystem”. Native trees are an excellent way to enrich your landscape while helping the natural ecosystem flourish. Find North Carolina plants for sale online.

Why are native plants so important? Native plants tend to require less water and fertilizer because they adapted to grow in your area on their own without human care. This saves you time and money and adds to surrounding ecosystem more than it takes away. Native trees also provide food and homes to birds and other wildlife.

red maple tree

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From red flowers from March through April to red samara pods and reddish twigs to red buds in the spring and red leaves in fall, the Red Maple Tree offers red, red, red! Just remember the red leaves don’t come until fall. The leaves are green in spring and summer. The Red Maple has a round to oval canopy.

Red Maples enjoy full sun to part shade. This Maple tree is tolerant of a wide range of soils, but prefers moist, slightly acid conditions. This Maple is extremely cold hardy, even tolerating zone 3 winters!

river birch tree

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The River Birch Tree is known for its unique and delicate bark. In the fall, the River Birch exfoliates its bark and reveals beautiful and unique colors. Flakes of salmon and cinnamon color are hidden under the light taupe outer skin. River Birches can be single or multi-trunk. Their canopy tends to be high. The green leaves turn yellow in fall.

 The River Birch is resistant to strong winds and ice because of its strong branches and limbs. This unique tree adapts to various soil types though it prefers moist, acidic soil. The River Birch also adapts well to wet and dry planting sites.

Tulip Poplar Tree

Buy Tulip Poplar Trees Here

The Tulip Poplar is also known as the yellow poplar, tuliptree or fiddletree. It sports pretty tulip-like blooms that are yellow and green with splashes of orange. In fall the green leaves transition to yellow. This tree is tall and has a narrow canopy in relation to its height.

 The tulip tree is resistant to pests and disease and extremely low maintenance. This tree performs best in full sun and slightly acidic soils that are moist, but well-drained and loose-textured.

Wildlife including hummingbirds just love this native tree.

American Sycamore Tree

Buy American Sycamore Trees Here

American Sycamore grow insanely fast and live for hundreds of years. These majestic trees are sturdy and can tolerate extreme weather conditions, pollution, and salt.

This shade tree is ideal to be the main focal tree in your yard. If you have a large yard or piece of land, sycamores are great for planting in a rows to line a long driveway or separate your land from your neighbors. Plant at least 20 feet apart when planting in rows. The sycamore is an ideal urban street tree.

 American Sycamore trees are easy to grow and low maintenance. They thrive in full sun and are adaptable to any soil, even tolerating wet areas. These trees are drought tolerant once established, but will grow fastest when watered during dry, hot periods.

 Wildlife flock to the sycamore for its shelter and winter fruit and birds and hummingbirds love it for its sweet-scented flowers.

northern red oak

Buy Northern Red Oak Trees Here

This native tree is recognized by its massive size, waxy lobed leaves, attractive acorns, and outstanding red fall foliage. This stunning tree grows fast and provides superb shade in the heat of summer.

Providing food for squirrels, blue jays, and other birds and wildlife, the Red Oak is not just a beautiful shade tree, it is a staple within the environment.

 The Northern Red Oak performs best when planted in full sun. Because of its hard wood, this tree has the ability to grow to massive heights and sustain a long life span. This tree is adaptable and tolerant, making it super easy to grow and no maintenance once it's established!

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