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Best Shade Trees

There are numerous benefits to having shade trees on your property. Have you ever been in the middle of a field with no trees on a hot summer day? Have you ever gone for a stroll in the park and taken shelter underneath a tree to get out of the wind, sun, or rain? If so, you likely understand the benefits shade trees can provide. Shade trees are an amazing natural shelter, but they serve as a natural wind and rain break as well. Additionally, if properly placed in your yard, shade trees can help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
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Most Colorful Maple Trees

Maple trees are some of the most popular ornamental and shade trees and for good reason. They are easy to grow, requiring little to no maintenance once they are established. They are also exceptionally beautiful. The most colorful maple trees are Japanese maples and red maples. These maple tree varieties have exceptional color throughout the year or in fall. Find out our top picks.
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Landscaping Ideas Under Oak Trees

For landscaping under oak trees, choose plants that enjoy shade and are drought tolerant. Most grasses will not be suitable for this task. Creating an understory bed of perennials or small shrubs is your best bet. Avoid planting too close to your oak tree’s trunk unless you are using very small or shallow rooted plants. Even with smaller plants, be sure that you dig gently to ensure you aren't hitting your tree’s roots. Let’s beautify gently! Be sure not damage any roots when planting. 

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River Birch Tree For Sale | What To Consider

Considering A River Birch Tree? If you are looking for a river birch tree, this is the blog for you. I will review important information about this beautiful and strong US native tree. You will learn all about the river...

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How to Care for Maple Trees

Maples are a well-known group of shade trees that are fast growing, low maintenance, and beautiful. This group has a wide variety of options in size, fall colors, and shape. Many maple trees are native to the United States making...

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Willow Trees for Sale | The Perfect Shade Trees

About Willow Trees The genus of willow trees is salix. This group of deciduous trees has thin sap that contains salicylic acid. They have soft pliable wood that is also tough, slender branches, and elongated leaves (typically). Willow trees hold...

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American Sycamore Tree Facts

American Sycamores are low maintenance and fast growing shade trees. They are tough and sturdy, tolerating extreme weather conditions, pollution, salt and even wet soils. These adaptable and hardy shade trees have a very long life expectancy. Birds and wildlife...

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Shumard Oak | A Fast Growing Native Tree

The Shumard Oak tree is a large, fast growing red oak. This native shade tree is adored for its outstanding fall color and extreme adaptability. This sturdy tree stands up to all that nature can throw at it from floods...

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