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Favorite Holiday Camellias | Types of Camellias for Christmas

February 8, 2022 Jill Raver
Filed in: Trees and Plants For Sale

The air is cooling, the days are shorter and it's the most wonderful time of the year with great reason. As the cold moves in, beautiful Camellias will be blooming all in our yards throughout fall and winter. These elegant cool-season bloomers are a sight that you won't want to miss.

Camellias ring in the holidays with stunning blossoms. Whether you are planting to welcome your family home for the holidays or gifting flowers in a pot for Christmas, Camellias are the perfect flower for the season. 

With so many varieties you may be wondering, “Which one should I choose?” No worries! PlantingTree is here to help out fellow plant lovers in need. Without further ado, here are Camellias for Christmas season cheer.


Red and Green Camellias for Christmas

yuletide camellia

There's nothing more holiday-friendly than a Yuletide Camellia. This classic, cherry red blossom will bring life back to your landscape. The Red Yuletide livens up your yard in a time when most colorful plants are dormant. This plant grows in warmer zones 7-9. It's not a small evergreen shrub. The Yuletide Camellia will grow to be quite large, so make sure you have the space for it. Welcome the holidays with the cheery flowers of the Red Yuletide Camellia.

Perhaps you prefer big bright, lacy, flowers that give you a burst of color. The Kramer’s Supreme is another red Camellia that brings the holiday spirit. These blooms can grow up to 5 inches in size. They bloom from late winter through spring. This variety is extremely drought tolerant so it's able to withstand hot weather, up to growing zone 10. The  Kramers Supreme Camellia is a superior and easy-to-grow flower.

The Marie Bracey Camellia has gorgeous large blooms with a delightful fragrance. It boasts a soft, light red color in contrast to the bolder red varieties. Not only are the blooms to die for, but they last all the way from winter to mid-spring. The lacy flowers are perfect for warm climates from growing zone 7-9. These elegant blossoms are also surprisingly durable as they are deer, drought, and heat tolerant on top of being disease resistant. The Marie Bracey brings you the best of beauty and resilience in one plant.

Greensboro Red Camellia

Looking for bright red blooms this winter but do not have the space to plant? Look no further, then the Greensboro Red Camellia. This is a gorgeous plant for anyone who wants to add some color to their small yard in the winter. It also makes a stunning potted gift. This Camellia can be trained into an ornamental tree. It blooms from late winter into early spring and even grows in zone 10. The Greensboro Camellia is a perfect addition to your holiday garden.


Snowy White Winters

white camellia

The White Camellia is a gorgeous winter-wonderland focal point. Enjoy beautiful, white creamy blooms from fall through winter. This Camellia will bring the south a white Christmas like never before. The White Camellia matures into a nice large shrub and grows in warmer zones up to zone 10. There is no need for snow in the south when you have the White Camellia.


Pretty in Pink

The Pink Icicle is a light pink Camellia that will give your yard the pop of color it deserves. This Camellia is not only a beauty but also an astonishingly cold hardy plant. It grows in cooler areas as low as zone 6 and ranges up to warmer zone 10. The Pink Icicle is more compact than most Camellias, so whether you have a huge canvas or a smaller space to work with, you can enjoy this Camellia. For this reason, you can gift it in a pot to your garden-lover friends. Just about anyone can grow one of these stunning shrubs. Bring life back into your garden this holiday season with the Pink Icicle Camellia.

dark pink Kanjiro Camellia

The Dark Pink Kanjiro Camellia is a big shrub that can be used for beautiful hedges. This camellia will bloom dark pink blossoms with contrasting yellow centers and does have a light, sweet fragrance. Blooms form from the fall into the winter and this plant is low maintenance.

For blush pink, rose-like blossoms, plant October Magic Dawn Camellias. You don't have to long for roses in bloom when you have this winter-friendly replacement. These Camellias are compact compared to other Camellia varieties so they work well for gardeners that do not have a lot of space. October Magic Dawn Camellias grow in warmer climates and are also salt, drought, and heat tolerant on top of being disease resistant. They do well in full sun, unlike other Camellia varieties. The October Magic Dawn will bring the most beautiful blossoms to your yard.


Mix It Up

October magic inspiration camellia

A uniquely bicolor camellia, the October Magic Inspiration Camellia is a perfect addition to any yard. The white and magenta contrast adds elegance. It is one of the more compact Camellias so whether you have a small space or a huge lawn it will look incredible. The October Magic Inspiration Camellia is another Camellia that makes a perfect potted holiday gift. This Camellia will do well in full sun areas, where most Camellias prefer at least a hint of shade. Enjoy a light sweet fragrance from the October Magic Inspiration.


Browse other favorite Camellia varieties such as the Shishi Gashira Camellia, the October Magic Rose Camellia, or the October Magic Orchid Camellia. Whichever you choose, you'll have the perfect winter display of flowers this holiday season.


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