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Front Yard Trees That Add Curb Appeal

February 8, 2022 Jill Raver
Filed in: Landscaping Guides
front yard trees best - with house

Are you thinking about adding a tree to your front yard? Front yard trees add curb appeal and even increase your property value! Luckily you have a lot of options. Flowering trees and ornamental trees are most often planted in front yards. If you have more space, you can add a shade tree with gorgeous fall color. No matter what type of tree you choose, planting a tree will beautify your yard and home.

Here are some of our favorite front yard trees:


Front Yard Trees

Crape Myrtles

Crape Myrtles are easily recognizable with their multi-trunks, peeling but smooth bark, and months of colorful blooms. These trees are mainly grown in the southern United States, but some varieties are more cold hardy than others and can grow in cooler regions. Crape myrtles are heat, humidity, and drought tolerant. They are available in a variety of colors.

red crape myrtle - front yard trees 

Buy Crape Myrtle Trees online.


Dogwood Trees

Dogwood Trees are one of the most popular front yard trees because of their amazing spring display. Choose from red, pink, or white flowers. For a slightly different look, the popular Kousa Dogwood has white blooms in spring and red fall foliage. Dogwood trees are adaptable and drought tolerant. Do not plant them in a wet site. Cornus florida trees are native and flower before the leaves emerge while Cornus kousa trees tend to have more pest and disease resistance and bloom later in spring when the leaves are already on the tree.

 white dogwood tree

Shop Dogwood Trees.


Evergreen Trees

You probably want to consider smaller evergreen trees in the front yard like: junipers, hollies, or arborvitae. We really like Emerald Green Arborvitae, Blue Point Juniper, Nellie Stevens Holly, Italian Cypress, and Oakland Holly for front yards. If you have a large yard you also have options like cypress, thuja, spruce, or cedars. Evergreen trees offer year-round interest and tend to be very low maintenance.


emerald green arborvitae

Browse our huge selection of Evergreen Trees.


Flowering Cherry Trees

Cherry Blossom Trees are absolutely breathtaking. These trees offer phenomenal spring beauty. For white flowers look to the Yoshino Cherry Tree or the Weeping Yoshino. For pink blooms consider the Kwanzan Cherry Tree or the Okame Cherry Tree. Cherry trees are easy to maintain, but can have problems with disease. They make a beautiful addition to any front yard.

 kwanzan cherry tree

Shop online for Flowering Cherry Trees.


Hydrangea Trees

We all love hydrangeas, but did you know that there are hydrangea trees? These exciting dwarf trees give your home major curb appeal. Hydrangea trees are easy to grow and look attractive in any landscape. Tree hydrangea are generally Hydrangea paniculata and come in white, pink, and red colors. The Pinky Winky Hydrangea Tree and Limelight Hydrangea Tree are stunning choices.

 hydrangea tree

Buy Hydrangea Trees.


Japanese Maples

Japanese Maple Trees are some of the best front yard trees available. They are absolutely beautiful and unique. They come in weeping and upright forms and a variety of leaf colors. Japanese maples tend to be dwarf trees so they can fit in just about any yard. Just keep in mind Japanese maples (especially the smaller varieties) can be pretty slow growing. Patience is required to allow these trees to reach their full potential. Try the Bloodgood Japanese Maple or the Coral Bark Japanese Maple for a pop of color.

 emperor japanese maple

Purchase Japanese Maple Trees online.


Magnolia Trees

Magnolia Trees have large gorgeous blooms. These stunning blooms are fragrant and most often white, but there are pink, purple, and yellow flower varieties as well. There are magnolia trees for just about every region in the United States. Check the growing zone recommendations before buying to be sure the magnolia tree you chose is appropriate for your area. The Jane Magnolia Tree provides beautiful purple-pink blossoms for growing zones 5 through 8.

 jane magnolia tree

Find Magnolia Trees for sale online.


Redbud Trees

Redbud Trees are another top choice for your front yard. These trees can handle some shade so they are great for adding spring color to yards with existing shade trees. Redbuds are small, easy to grow, drought tolerant, and adaptable. If you love early spring bloomers with a lot of color and loads of blooms, these are the perfect trees for you. If you're looking for purple, the Eastern Redbud and the Forest Pansy Redbud have gorgeous purple blooms. The Rising Redbud shines with yellows and oranges, while the Royal White Redbud has snow white blossoms.

eastern redbud tree 

Browse our Redbud Trees for sale.


Rose Trees

Rose Trees are great for creating an upscale look in even the smallest front yard. They even grow well in pots so you can transform an entryway, deck, or patio with them. Many rose trees bloom for three seasons. This adds a ton of color to your landscape. For rose trees that bloom in spring, summer, and fall, check out Knock Out Roses.

 rose tree

Buy Rose Trees online.


There are many other flowering trees for your front yard. The Blue Chinese Wisteria Tree has unique, cascading blossoms. The Royal Purple Smoke Tree has billowy purple plumes. The Cleveland Pear Tree blooms with white blossoms in the spring and then has mahogany leaves in fall. There are a variety of colors and shapes to beautifully adorn your front yard.

Hopefully we helped you find the perfect tree for your front yard. If not, we have a huge selection of trees of all shapes, colors, and sizes, from large shade trees to small trees. Browse our entire selection of trees for sale to find just what you want. Happy planting!


Need more reasons to plant a front yard tree? Read about the benefits of planting trees. If you are looking for the best backyard trees instead, check out our blog? Or, browse all trees for sale.

Tune in next week for Front Yard Plants That Make it Look Professionally Landscaped.


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