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When Does Pink Muhly Grass Bloom

when does pink muhly grass bloom
when does pink muhly grass bloom

Pink Muhly Grass is a popular ornamental grass that produces airy pink plumes in late summer. These plumes stand tall throughout winter, but turn a straw color as temperatures drop. The pink can last into winter in warmer climates. I even noticed some established Pink Muhly Grass in Charlotte, North Carolina still pink in early February this year! Generally the pretty pink color hangs on through most of fall before browning out.

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pink muhly grass grow zones

1. Pink Muhly Grass is recommended for USDA growing zones 6b to 9.

pink muhly grass

2. Plant your Muhly Grass in full sun. While this ornamental grass can tolerate some shade and still bloom, full sun will provide the fastest growth and most prolific flowering.

pink muhly grass for sale

3. Be sure your soil drains well. This grass is very adaptable, but wet soil can cause root rot and heavily compacted soil slows growth which will also reduce flowering.

when does pink muhly grass bloom

4. Pink Muhly Grass is very drought tolerant after establishment, but will grow and flower better when it is watered deeply on occasion in periods of heat and drought. So plan for a deep watering with a hose at the base of the plant at least a couple times per month in the summer.

pink muhly grass

5. Feed your plant slow release fertilizer in spring. If you have nutrient weak soil or haven’t seen a lot of blooms in previous years go ahead and fertilize this decorative grass again in mid to late summer for an extra boost and more pink blooms.

pink muhly grass for sale

6. Mulching helps the soil hold in moisture so it will cut back your watering needs. This means less work for you AND better blooms! Some added bonuses are that mulching keeps competing weeds away and protects the roots in winter in cooler climates. Apply 1 to 2 inches of mulch a few inches past the root zone.

pink muhly care

7. Trimming your Muhly Grass back close to the ground sometime after it goes dormant in winter or early spring allows the plant to focus on the roots and pushing out new spring growth. Better, stronger growth means more pink plumes to enjoy.

When Does Pink Muhly Grass Bloom? You have learned that this grass flowers in late summer to fall and some great tips to get the best blooms out of your plant. We hope you found this blog useful and your Muhly Grass displays plentiful plumes ever year!

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Pink Muhly Grass

Your neighbors will beg to know what the unique, PINK grass is growing in your yard. Breath taking pink mist forms on top of Cotton Candy Pink Muhly Grass from late summer and lasts throughout fall, adding an absolutely stunning highlight to your landscape. Shop Now

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