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Planting Blog


Junipers on Hillsides | Ideas and Care

Junipers are one of the easiest shrubs to care for and are too often overlooked.  These evergreen shrubs come in all shapes and sizes and have many uses in the landscape.  Utilizing Junipers to landscape slopes and hillsides has many benefits.
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How To Care For Azaleas

Once you understand the site requirements for your azalea bush, azalea care is easy. These flowering plants require minimal maintenance once established. Evergreen azaleas offer year-round landscape interest and many new varieties bloom in spring, summer, AND fall instead of just spring like older azalea plants. Planting azaleas can add a lot of color and beauty to you landscape. 

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Burning Bush Pruning, Care, and Planting Tips

The Burning Bush is one of the most colorful shrubs out there.  A brilliant, fire-red illuminates off the shrub, catching everyone’s eye. The best part about this shrub is the colorful display that will last for months!  Learn all about Burning Bush pruning, care, and landscape ideas.
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Azalea Varieties

Evergreen Encore Azaleas are the only patented Azalea varieties that bloom in the spring, summer, and fall. These hardy flowering shrubs are low maintenance and provide multi-season interest with their re-blooming nature. Not only do Hybrid azaleas provide a plentiful amount...

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Mulch Installation

Mulch is one of the simplest ways to enhance your garden and plants. It can make your plantings healthy by providing many benefits to the soil as well as improving the overall appearance of your landscaping. In the long run, mulch will greatly reduce the amount of time in which you maintain your landscapes and gardens.
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Watering New Trees

Watering new trees at initial installation is very important.  Watering plants incorrectly it is why most plants die after they are planted. The best thing to do is to use your garden hose and remove the spray end if there is one on the hose.  We want to use the hose by itself or a shower wand.
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How To Prune Drift Roses

When to prune Drift Roses is just as important as how to prune Drift Roses. Prune in early spring, never in the fall or winter. Check your drift rose bush from time to time as spring moves along and when you start to see new shoots growing from the canes on your drift rose, that’s a good sign that it is time to prune.
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Pruning Knock Out Roses | How To Guide

If you're new to pruning Knock Out Roses, don't worry. The Knock Out Rose bush is the most popular rose bush for sale today because it flowers for 3 seasons! Here we will explain how to prune Knock Out Roses so that you can enjoy even more blooms!
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How To Fertilize New Plants

How do you fertilize your new plants?  Plants need food just like we do.  Fertilizer feeds plants and supplies nutrients that the plants need.  A high quality slow release balanced fertilizer is best for getting your new plants established and keeping them healthy.
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