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Low Maintenance Ground Cover Plants

One of the most visually pleasing aspects of any garden is the presence of plants at varying heights. Like any work of art, a beautiful garden relies on specific design elements to capture the eye and gently lead the viewer into the space. Low-maintenance ground cover plants can complete the look of your landscape by providing balance, texture, and color.
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Easy Homemade Lemonade with Meyer Lemons

Meyer Lemons taste much sweeter than the regular lemons you find in your local grocery store. While Meyer lemons have some of the acidity you’ve come to expect in regular lemons, they’re smoother on your taste buds. So smooth and sweet that many people add raw segments of Meyer lemons to their salads and desserts. If you’re looking for an easy homemade lemonade recipe to share with your family and friends, you’ll want to begin with Meyer lemons. 
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Different Types of Grass for Lawns: How To Choose Your Grass Seed

Before deciding which seed is right for your lawn, you should think about the amount of sunlight your lawn receives, how much foot traffic the grass will get, and how much space will need to be covered. Like all plants, grass seed is particular about the amount of sunlight it receives. Some varieties prefer full sun, while others enjoy partial shade. Want a picture perfect lawn that looks like it belongs on the cover of a magazine? No matter what level of wear and tear your lawn gets, the right seed selection for your lawn is available. 

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Mailbox Landscaping Ideas

I think we can all agree that mailboxes aren’t the most attractive items in our lovely landscaped lawns. But they don’t have to be the most noticeable either. You can allow vining plants to camouflage your mailbox or just surround it with a pretty little plant bed. The possibilities are endless. You can keep it simple or do it up. Read on to learn more about mailbox landscaping ideas!
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Tall Hedges For Privacy

If you don’t want to be able to see your neighbor’s yard or you don’t want them peering into yours, tall hedges for privacy are beautiful and a much more affordable option than wooden privacy fences. Another benefit to plants over fences is that you can choose tall hedges! The whole neighborhood would be talking if you put up a 10 or 20 feet tall fence, but with trees no one even thinks twice! Tall hedges provide true privacy that a 6 foot high wooden privacy fence won’t.
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How To Plant Palm Trees

The mere sight of palm trees conjures up thoughts of warm weather, sunny days, and tropical beaches. And this immediately makes us relax and unwind! There are many palm trees to choose from whether you want to grow them indoors or out. They make great patio plants in warm and cool climates. Palm trees can also bring the tropics indoors in any home. Planting palm trees is a snap if you follow a few simple steps.
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Easiest Fruit Trees To Grow

Growing fruit in our yards or even in our homes is an exciting proposition. Being able to observe and have control over the growing and care process allows us to grow healthy fruit free of harmful chemicals. But growing fruit isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Many fruit trees require pruning and, oftentimes, spraying for pests and disease. So, what are the easiest fruit trees to grow?
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Plants For Around Pools

We love our backyard pools. They cool us down in summer and provide loads of outdoor fun for our families. Pools are a tropical oasis right in our own backyard. Poolside landscaping helps to transform your pool area into a gorgeous tropical paradise. Let’s discuss the best plants for around pools, my favorite tropical landscape ideas, and tips for planting and growing plants around your pool.
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Landscaping with Azaleas

Azaleas are some of the best landscaping shrubs. They are easy to grow, drought tolerant, and colorful. Most azaleas are evergreen so they provide year-round interest. There are new varieties of azaleas that bloom in multiple seasons, tolerate full sun, and are pest and disease resistant. Landscaping with azaleas is a breeze. These plants don’t ask for much as far as maintenance, but give us so much beauty!
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