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Mailbox Landscaping Ideas

February 8, 2022 Jill Raver
Filed in: Landscaping Guides

pretty mailbox - mailbox landscaping ideas I think we can all agree that mailboxes aren’t the most attractive items in our lovely landscaped lawns. But they don’t have to be the most noticeable either. You can allow vining plants to camouflage your mailbox or just surround it with a pretty little plant bed. The possibilities are endless. You can keep it simple or do it up. Read on to learn more about mailbox landscaping ideas!

Mailbox Landscaping Ideas

Things to Keep in Mind When Landscaping Around Mailboxes

  • Give you and your mailman plenty of space to walk or drive by your mailbox without trampling any of your plants.
  • Choose plants for around a mailbox that stay relatively small. The plants should stay shorter than the bottom of your mailbox at mature height, unless of course they are meant to climb over your mailbox.
  • Climbing, vining plants are the best choice for hiding or beautifying a mailbox, but they must be well maintained. Do not allow them to grow in front of your mailbox. Keep in mind that most plants that climb and vine are also vigorous growers. So you will need to watch them during the growing season and trim them up or adjust their growth pattern here and there. Eliminate these types of plants from your mailbox landscaping ideas if you want a no maintenance plant bed.
  • Mailbox planter ideas - keep it simple. You can create a bordered bed or stacked planter with rocks, bricks, or pavers. Upside down glass bottles are a cool shabby chic border idea. There are even planters made just for mailboxes if you want a small container look and are just putting in your mailbox. They also make ones with doors or an opening to put around an existing mailbox.

Best Plants for Around Mailbox 

Vines to Cover Your Mailbox

Bougainvillea vines. Mailbox landscaping ideas

Bougainvillea vines are absolutely stunning with their vibrant colors and extremely heavy blooming potential. These plants are subtropical or tropical so they must be grown as annuals or moved indoors during freezing temperatures. Shop red bougainvillea for sale or Raspberry Ice bougainvillea.

Carolina Jessamine. Mailbox landscaping ideas

Carolina Jessamine has loads of fragrant sunny yellow blooms that are trumpet shaped. This fast growing vine is evergreen and suitable for growing zones 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Clematis Vines

Clematis vines are the most popular mailbox vines. This vine will climb up your mailbox post with little to no help. They have exotic, showy flowers in an assortment of colors. Clematis plants are also incredibly cold hardy. Depending on the variety they grow in zones 4 or 5 and up. Check out our Clematis plants. We carry purple, pink, and white varieties. Find out if your clematis blooms on old wood, new wood, or both in order to determine the best way to prune your plant.

White Climbing Hydrangea

Climbing Hydrangeas are beautiful mailbox landscape vines. They are vigorous and easy to grow. They do get fairly large though so you will need to keep these in check for such a small space. Climbing hydrangeas are also cold hardy, growing in zones 4 or 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. For classy white climbing hydrangeas, click here. If pretty in pink is more your thing check out our gorgeous pink climbing hydrangea.

Mandevilla vines

Mandevilla vines will transform your mailbox into an object of beauty with red, pink, or white blooms. I love these tropical plants. The only downside is that these plants like warm climates and don’t tolerate freezing temperatures. So if you are in growing zone 7 or lower, these must be treated as an annual or dug up each year and moved inside during the winter months. Shop Mandevilla vines for sale.

Star Jasmine

Star (Confederate) Jasmine offers a sophisticated look with its petite white flowers. This plant is a very heavy bloomer in spring, but is likely to offer blooms throughout the summer as well. Star jasmine is evergreen and recommended for zones 8 and up. Keep it in a pot to move indoors during winter to enjoy this plant in cooler climates.

Flowering Plants for Around a Mailbox

daylillies for around mailboxes

Daylilies are a classic. They have sunny yellow flowers and nice grass-like foliage. They are easy to grow and adaptable. Check out our daylilies for sale. My favorite daylily, strawberry candy, is truly unique with pink and coral blooms.


Dianthus plants are miniature carnations. They have lots of colorful flowers and unique silvery blue foliage. These plants are also known as pinks or sweet william. Buy dianthus online.

drift roses

Drift Roses are exceptional additions to a small flower garden. They bloom in spring, summer, and fall and come in several colors. Browse our drift roses for sale.


Hen and Chicks (sempervivum) are great plants for arid climates. They are incredibly hardy and drought resistant. They look really cool in a rock bed or mailbox planter. Check out our entire succulent collection.


Phlox (dwarf or creeping) are flowering perennial plants that require no maintenance once they are established. Creeping phlox makes a nice groundcover, while you get more height from upright dwarf phlox.


Verbenas are small perennials that can handle the heat. We have a bold red verbena and the regal homestead purple verbena as well.

Flowering vines and plants tend to be the go to landscape plants for mailbox beds, but feel free to use your imagination! You can certainly choose small evergreen bushes that will look nice all year long. Or pick a combination of both to get the best of both worlds. Either way, I hope you have plenty of mailbox landscaping ideas now! Happy planting!

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