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When to Apply Lawn Fertilizer

Lawn Fertilizer delivers nutrients to your grass, keeping it green, lush, healthy, and beautiful. There are different lawn fertilizers for different needs. Read on to learn about the different types of Lawn Fertilizer and When to Apply Lawn Fertilizer.

When to Apply Lawn Fertilizer for New Lawns

Ideally starter fertilizers should be applied before grass seed is sown or sod is put down and worked into the soil. This prepares the soil for your lawn, and your new grass will thank you with faster growth and deeper root penetration. Lesco recommends that their Starter Fertilizer is applied to actively growing grass and watered in soon after application. If your soil is nutrient poor you can apply another dose of fertilizer in 8 to 12 weeks. Avoid over fertilizing.

When to Apply Lawn Fertilizer for Established Lawns

Traditional Lawn Fertilizer should be applied when soil temperatures reach about 55 degrees in spring. This time varies depending on where you live in the country. The best tip I have heard is to look for the forsythia to be blooming, and you know it is time to fertilize your lawn.
When to Apply Lawn Fertilizer for Established Lawns

When to Apply Lawn Fertilizer Lesco Weed and Feed

Lesco Weed and Feed should be applied twice per year. For best results, apply in spring and early fall when broadleaf weeds are growing actively. This product contains a post-emergent herbicide so be sure not to use it too early before weeds are growing. Look for young weed plants to emerge, and then apply Weed and Feed.

When to Apply Lawn Fertilizer Crabgrass Pre-Emergent

Lesco Dimension Crabgrass Pre-Emergent with Fertilizer can be applied in a single application in spring or a split application in spring and early summer, 6 to 8 weeks apart. The ideal timing for applying Crabgrass herbicide coincides with Lawn Fertilizer which is what makes this product such a great one. Soil temperatures should be around 55 degrees which varies depending on where you are in the country. When you see forsythia blooming go ahead and apply your Lawn Fertilizer with Crabgrass pre-emergent herbicide. For more information check out our Pre-Emergent Weed Control blog.

When to Apply Lime for Lawn pH Correction

Lime raises soil pH (reduces soil acidity) which helps your lawn absorb nutrients, including Lawn Fertilizer, better. Solu-Cal Enhanced Calcitic Lime works fast and is safe to apply any time of the year to correct lawn pH. This product can be used 3 times per year. While lime can be applied anytime of the year, fall is the best time to apply it. Autumn’s weather helps lime break down and start working the fastest.

Now you know When to Apply Lawn Fertilizer. To find the product that is best for you check out our Lawn Fertilizer. If you are just getting started check out our Grass Seed. For established lawns and more, browse our Lawn Care Products.

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