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Lawn Care Products

Lawn Care Products keep your yard healthy and beautiful, green, and weed-free! Take care of your lawn with our extensive selection of high quality products from grass seed to fertilizer to weed killer and more. We have just what you need to allow your family to enjoy a flawless yard!

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Lesco Starter Fertilizer 18-24-12 - 50 lbs.
28 reviews
Lesco Fertilizer Plus Herbicide 18-0-4 - 50 lbs.
6 reviews
Lesco Prosecutor Prolong
9 reviews
Lesco Weed & Feed 18-2-3
5 reviews
Lesco 5-0-20 Summer Fertilizer
3 reviews
Mirimichi Green Pro Organic Weed Killer
1 review
SOLU-CAL Enhanced Calcitic Lime
1 review
TurboTurf™ Tall Fescue Grass Seed
1 review
Lesco Three-Way Spot Weeder
1 review
Lesco 32-0-3 Fertilizer
what are lawn care products?

How to Spread Lawn Care Products

Please review the labels of the product you purchase for specific instructions. Our individual product pages have additional information including spreader settings. Most granular products, fertilizer, and grass seeds are broadcast with a spreader for proper dosing and even distribution.

What are Lawn Care Products?

Lawn Care Products keep your yard healthy and beautiful, green, and weed-free! Take care of your lawn with our extensive selection of high quality products from grass seed to fertilizer to weed killer and more. We have just what you need to allow your family to enjoy a flawless yard!

Who Makes The Best Lawn Care Products

We trust Lesco as the all around best name in Lawn Care Products. From high quality grass seed to starter fertilizer to pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides plus lawn fertilizer to weed killers and more, Lesco has what you need to care for your lawn.

Where To Buy Lawn Care Products

We carry an extensive line of Lawn Care Products here at PlantingTree. You can feel great about buying from our family owned and operated online garden center. Our Lawn Care Products for sale are from brands that we believe in and trust and use in our own home landscapes. Enjoy trusted brands like Lesco, Mirimichi, Daddy Pete’s, and Solu-Cal. For additional choices, be sure to browse our online garden center.

Featured Grass Seed

We love Lesco All Pro Transition. It is our most popular grass seed. This tall fescue seed blend is for mid-southern lawns that are looking to enjoy green grass the entire year. Lesco Tall Fescue Select is a pure tall fescue turfgrass with a 100% weed free Blue Tag certification.

If you have struggled to get grass to grow in a shady spot in your yard, Lesco Shade Mix is the grass seed for you! This shade and drought tolerant grass is disease resistant.

For northern lawns with mixed sunlight conditions, Lesco Sun and Shade Park Seed Mix may be just right for you! This weed-free mix can grow in areas with part shade or full sun.

To green up your southern lawn in winter, try Lesco Double Eagle Ryegrass Seed.This tough perennial grass can be planted in high traffic areas.

Browse our Grass Seed collection for more options!

Featured Lawn Fertilizer

Lesco Starter Fertilizer 18-24-12 helps new sod and grass establish faster and grow better. This lawn fertilizer works in any climate and is recommended for use when seeding, sodding, overseeding, and aerating.

Lesco Weed and Feed 18-2-3 kills broadleaf weeds and fertilizes your lawn in one application. This product eliminates broadleaf weeds while feeding your lawn. Your grass will be healthy, lush, and weed free!

Lesco Fertilizer Plus Pre-Emergent Herbicide 13-0-5 contains a slow release fertilizer that promotes uniform growth and an herbicide that prevents and controls crabgrass. We also carry Lesco Fertilizer Plus Herbicide 18-0-4 if your lawn requires a higher dose of nitrogen.

Daddy Pete’s Organic Fertilizer 7-2-1 is your one stop multi-purpose fertilizer! This fertilizer feeds trees, shrubs, lawns, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and more! This organic lawn care product is safe and contains natural ingredients.

Check out our entire Lawn Fertilizer selection.

Featured Weed Killer

Ideal for driveways, gravel beds, patios and any area where no vegetation is desired, Lesco Prosecutor Prolong provides fast results and long term weed control.

Lesco Three Way Spot Weeder comes in a convenient ready to use aerosol spray can. This broadleaf herbicide kills more than 130 pesky weeds including chickweed, clover, and dandelion!

Mirimichi Green Pro Organic Weed Killer is a certified organic fast acting herbicide. This product comes in an easy to use spray bottle. No mixing required. Just spray and kill weeds instantly!

Browse our Weed Control collection for more options.

More Lawn Care Products

Granular formulation, Hydretain Moisture Manager, cuts watering needs up to 50% by holding onto irrigation and rainwater longer. This product reduces the harmful effects of drought stress and promotes healthy, green grass.

If you are looking to minimize drought stress and reduce watering needs Lesco Moisture Manager is the product for you. Hydretain manages moisture in the root zone and efficiently uses rain water and applied water. This liquid formulation attaches to your hose for easy application.

Lesco TripleStart HydroCover Seed Starter holds seed in place so grass will grow where you want it to! Enjoy faster and more successful germination with this lawn care product.

For the best and fastest soil pH correction, try Solu-Cal Enhanced Calcitic Lime. This product will get your soil ready for grass planting and establishment and keep your soil at the right pH for the best nutrient absorption for healthy grass.